Instead of gas - firewood. In Nikolayevshchina the 40-thousand city refused the centralized heat supply

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Inhabitants established electric coppers in houses. The budgetary establishments transfer to alternative heating: firewood, тырсу, straw.

40-thousand Voznesensk is warmed without gas. The city passes to electricity, firewood, pod and straw. Local housing and communal services collect waste and process them in тырсу, then on special technology of it do organic briquettes. They harm to environment cheaper than coal less.

"Here the peel sunflower seeds, branches which we interrupt in spill, straw enters also. Since future crop by agreement we will be - a sorter to collect a press this straw and to interrupt it in raw materials of small fraction for further formation of a fuel briquette", - explainsdirector of the municipal enterprise "Sanitary Cleaning of the City" Alexander Olkhov.

The art museum and the Center of children's creativity were already convinced of efficiency of such heating. The special copper needs ton of wooden fuel per day. Now heating manages twice cheaper. The project cost to the city more than 100 thousand hryvnias and has to pay off in a year.

Olga Vasilenkova, director of the center of children's creativity:"The difference is notable and in temperature indoors, and in means. Considerable economy of means", - claimsdirector of the center of children's creativity Olga Vasilenkova.

Except organic fuel Voznesensk resorts to other alternative energy sources. City managements warm electroconvectors, and a kindergarten - solar batteries. Special installation provides a water utility with electricity, and regional hospital - heat and hot water. Having refused the centralized heating, the power plans to receive one and a half million hryvnias of profit annually. However on it in Voznesensk don't stop.

"We project a complex on sorting and utilization of solid household waste where on the basis of TBO we will receive too alternative types of energy", - Voznesensky the mayorreportedYury Gerzhov.

While the city hall looks for money for power savings innovations, inhabitants accustom to sort garbage.In the city already there were color containers - separately for glass, paper and plastic.


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