The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko positively estimated results of work on dam construction on the mouth Fast

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Within a business trip to Odessa regionPresident of Ukraine Victor YushchenkoI examined a course of completion of construction of a protective dam within the first stage of the project of a deep-water ship course"Danube-Black Sea"on the mouth Fast. About it reports the Press - service of the President of Ukraine.

We will remind that the main customer of works on construction of this channel is NikolaevGP "The Delta — the Pilot".

The president positively estimated this project as one of the most strategic as it attaches Ukraine to the European and Euroasian transport corridors and approves geopolitical and geoeconomic presence of Ukraine at this region.

The director of GP "The Delta — the Pilot" Alexander Golodnitsky shows to the President of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko and the Minister of Transport and communication of Ukraine Iosif Vinsky results of work

"It is one of final points of the organization of economic development, the whole infrastructure which is in the course", - I notedV. Yushchenko. He emphasized thatfor the last 4 months through a ship canal Danube - the Black Sea for the first time for tens years passed more ships through the Ukrainian territory, than through the course of the Romanian party.

The president is convinced that it is the best optimum option of unification with the Seventh international transport corridor."Realizuya this project, Ukraine infrastructure joined transcontinental European and Euroasian transport corridors", - I statedHead of state.He is convinced that this project is already today exclusively competitive.

"Economic operation of this navigable corridor - a question strategic, calculated on many years"he said. The president also noted economic influence which will be had by channel operation on economy of this region of Ukraine.

He thanked all involved in implementation of the project - Ministers of Transport and communication of Ukraine, protection of surrounding environment of Ukraine, and also employees of the enterprises who took part in construction.

The president handed over to employees of the enterprises involved on construction, the state awards for a significant personal contribution to development of the international transport corridors of Ukraine, ensuring development of the deep-water ship channel "Danube — the Black Sea", long-term honest work.

Together with the President a course of completion of construction of a protective dam examined the Minister of Transport and communications of UkraineI.Vinsky, minister of protection of surrounding environment of UkraineG. Filipchuk, chairman of the Public border service of UkraineNikolay Litvin, representatives of local government.


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