Yushchenko isn't going to support "ETs" any more?

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The president Victor Yushchenko insisted on an exit of the head of the Dnepropetrovsk regional state administration Victor Bondarya from Uniform Center party.

It declared sources in the secretariat of the president to the newspaper "The businessman - Ukraine".

"At the end of March at Victor Vasilyevich (Cooper) there took place a three-hour meeting with the president during which it was insistently recommended to governor to leave ranks of "The uniform center", - the interlocutor of the edition told.

In the secretariat of the president consider that Yushchenko isn't going to support any more the political project "Uniform center" that testifies to its decision to reformat the team on the eve of elections.

"The uniform center" inner-party problems preferred not to make comments on the majority of senior representatives.

The first deputy head of ETs Victor Topolov appeared the only thing who decided to speak concerning an exit of the governor from party. He was revolted by how the Cooper announced the decision.

"Why the member of our party makes statements through a press - service of regional public administration? ! What relation to it "The uniform center" has? - Topolov was indignant.

"I want to hear Victor Vasilyevich's words! Let mister Bondar leave and will tell that he thinks, directly. And let he will sign the statement, instead of management of the press any there", - he added.

It is known that on Tuesday, April 7, The cooper declared a desertion of the party "The uniform center", which positions itself as pro-presidential political force. His statement extended and signed by management of the press and information, appeared on a regional state administration site in the morning.

"Not to cause further discussion concerning my views of a real situation, I consider necessary to leave Uniform Center party. It is sure that the head of state will support such decision", - was spoken in the statement of Bonadrya.

Before it the Cooper at the end of March had friction with "ETs" management, after the publication of its interview in the Profil magazine, - in which the Cooper spoke in favor of need of creation of the new political project instead of "The uniform center".


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