Yushchenko wants elections to keep the party in Rada?

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Experts consider the president Victor Yushchenko interested in carrying out simultaneous elections of the Verkhovna Rada and the president.

They told about it during a round table, report Ukrainian news.

According to the president of the analytical center "Open Policy" Igor Zhdanov, Yushchenko it is interested in carrying out such elections because if parliamentary elections will take place after presidential election, Yushchenko won't be able repeatedly to become a president and to keep the political force in parliament from - for low support of voters.

"Victor Andreevich understands that to him at the following presidential election not to win and, understanding that parliamentary force, - in this regard is necessary to him and there was an idea to hold simultaneous parliamentary and presidential elections", - he told.

Thus Zhdanov added that in case Yushchenko will lose at the next presidential election, both the Uniform Center party, and party "hardly will be able to pass the National Union "Our Ukraine" in parliament 7-го convocation without administrative resource of Yushchenko which it has as the head of state.

In turn, the director of the Center of political researches and conflictology Mikhail Pogrebinsky also emphasized that Yushchenko has direct interest in carrying out such simultaneous elections.

"I consider that there is very great interest at Victor Andreevich Yushchenko in that this subject of joint elections" was started, - he told.

In his opinion if simultaneous parliamentary and presidential election takes place at inconsistency of electoral laws, it will lead to chaos in the country that will be able to prolong a term of office of Yushchenko.

The head of the Center of the applied political researches "Penta" Vladimir Fesenko considers that there is a possibility of carrying out such simultaneous elections at which parliamentary elections will be held at the same time with the first round of the presidential.

In such situation, in his opinion, after the first round of presidential election it will be possible to predict the main applicants for a position of the head of state.

Fesenko considers that, proceeding from the main applicants for a victory in presidential election, the main political forces which have passed in parliament, will be able to agree about creation of the new coalition and about the candidate to a position the prime minister - the minister from the majority.

In his opinion, in such situation Yushchenko will have an opportunity to keep the political force in the following convocation of Rada.

As it was reported, Yushchenko is ready to appoint snap presidential election on condition of simultaneous snap elections of Rada on proportional system with open lists, and also if to such elections parliamentary immunity

is cancelled

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