Yushchenko promises to work with great dispatch for the IMF

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The president of Ukraine Victor Yushchenko hopes that next week all steps necessary for full revision of the program of cooperation with the IMF will be realized.

"I hope, the next 3-4 days have to be rather productive that next week we finished ensuring revision of the program - made, at least, at the level of governmental and parliamentary decisions all necessary to revise the program with the IMF and to renew the corresponding tranches", - the head of state on Wednesday at a meeting with ambassadors of G8 countries, the representative of the European commission told.

Speaking about an economic situation in Ukraine and realization of anti-recessionary measures, Yushchenko called "the greatest problem" stabilization of public finances.

It is a question about "not absolutely realistic" the figures put by the government in the state budget-2009; urgent need for balancing of the Pension fund and the NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy budget, he noted, reports "Interfax - Ukraine".

On belief of the president, the budgetary indicators accepted by Cabinet of Ministers led to the UAH of a budget deficit overestimated approximately on 50 billion.

"It is the main problem of correction of the state budget of 2009, it is the main key to a subject of settlement of consequences of crisis", - he noted. At the same time, according to the president, soon "we will find balance in a banking system" Ukraine, after all already now rates of outflow of deposits were sharply reduced.

The head of state paid separate attention that in Ukraine certain tendencies to delay of rates of deepening of an economic crisis are observed.

He, in particular, noted that for the last several weeks decreased, in comparison with December - January, number of reductions of workers.

"The statistics gives the grounds to say that tendencies which were in economic sectors 3-4 of month back, obviously, are slowed down", - Yushchenko told, at the same time having added what to tell already today that the situation was completely stabilized, "still difficult". The most difficult in this plan there are the branches which production is focused on export, he noticed.

In a context of realization of further effective anti-recessionary policy the president emphasized:"In the next 10 days, first of all, we have to carry out appropriate work on ensuring balance of public finances in the broadest sense".

The government, he is sure, has to create "an accurate, clear, hard budgetary line" as on it depend a rate of inflation in 2009 and a condition of providing social standards.

"It is convinced if the government works consistently, professionally and publicly, we will leave crisis with effective correct lessons", - summed up Yushchenko.


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