A moment of silence: Vitrenko declared war of Romania

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"Our Natasha" wants to declare the person нон - Gratas the ambassador of Romania in Odessa.

The leader of PSPU Natalya Vitrenko so close took to heart yesterday's events in Kishinev that already next day called the "knitted berets" for military operations against the Romanian consulate in Odessa. Whether expect repression from PSPU of the head coach of Donetsk "Miner" Mirchu Luchesku, we will see in the near future for now we quote the pathos message a press - party services:

"As the leader of the PSPU Odessa regional organization Olga Solovenko declared, we consider that Romania when the colors of Romania were hoisted over the working residence of the president of Moldova is involved in all processes occurring in Moldova, antistate views of the Moldavian opposition became clear.

Inhabitants of Odessa region especially clearly feel fetid breath of pro-NATO Romania both across Bessarabia and on the island Snake and on the canal Danube - the Black Sea.

Deputies vitrenkovets repeatedly made from a tribune of the Odessa regional council statements, in connection with unfriendly actions of Romania concerning Ukraine and in particular Odessa region. "Today, after bloody events in Moldova, we are guarded by that fact that Romania as a part of NATO armies in July, 2009 is going to arrive to the territory of Odessa region for participation in military exercises, it is impossible what categorically to allow. Such aggressive behavior of the NATO countries concerning the countries East - a Slavic civilization became one of the main arguments for deputies of the Odessa regional council at decision-making in March, 2009 against carrying out doctrines SI - the BREEZE 2009 in the territory of Odessa region".

Therefore to make a protest, tomorrow vitrenkovets will picket at 11-00 consulate of Romania in Odessa, with the requirement of the announcement of the ambassador of Romania in Odessa the person нон - Gratas.

In an action deputies of Donetsk regional council from Natalia Vitrenko's block "National opposition" who are today with business visit in Odessa region will accept as participation.As the leader of the PSPU Donetsk regional organization Lyudmila Kayotkina heading delegation of Donetsk deputies declared, "we will demand recognition of all diplomatic workers of Romania in Ukraine persons нон - Gratas, and we will address with such offer to leaders of all CIS countries, will suffice to suffer these "rotten atlantist" in our Slavic territory".


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