Leader WELL - The NANOSECOND asks Yushchenko to affect the

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Leader of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND Nikolay Martynenko appealed to Victor Yushchenko's president to call part of fraction, "on which it influences", to support two anti-recessionary bills.

He told about it on air of the 5th channel.

"On Tuesday there will be a vote of two bills which will balance the Pension fund, and will balance Naftogaz budget. I would like that the president addressed to that part of WELL fraction - NANOSECOND which he influences: just their voices don't suffice that it to vote", - Martynenko declared.

Answering a question when there will be the following congress our Ukraine, he noted: "Everything depends on the president".

"The president collected the remains of presidium of our Ukraine and held a certain meeting where charged to Roman Bessmertnom to deal with party issues", - the deputy reported.

In his opinion, "Our Ukraine should be released in free swimming".

"Victor Andreevich has to perceive it not as the property and as political party which has the future", - Martynenko considers.

"Our Ukraine, as fraction which is very difficult. Today 11 parties which are in structure WELL - NANOSECOND plus movement which is headed by Vyacheslav Kirilenko therefore to predict development of each of these parties very difficult", - he told.

On a question, whether the deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Vyacheslav Kirilenko will take away part of fraction, for development of the For Ukraine project, Martynenko emphasized: "To develop the project it isn't necessary anything neither to take away, nor to add WELL fractions - NANOSECOND. It is necessary to develop simply the project".

On a question that, according to Martynenko, there will be with party a Uniform center which ranks left the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area Victor Bondar and called to to formation of new political force, he told: "It is one of those projects which is a consequence of history of our last politicum".

"At the president it was always fashionable to create any parties, before SDPU(O), now there was ETs. These parties have no past, there is no present and there is no future", - Martynenko is convinced.


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