The government wants to narrow the Chernobyl zone

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From - for crisis the Ukrainian government won't be able to finance increase in number of exempts who receive Chernobyl payments.

About it I there was a speech during parliamentary hearings about consequences of Chernobyl accident on Wednesday.

If the Verkhovna Rada agrees on increase in number of Chernobyl exempts, the Cabinet will be compelled to look for in addition 2 billion UAH, transfers "German wave".

In the conditions of an economic crisis to find them it is unreal. The government on the contrary supports reduction of the list of settlements with definition "the polluted territory".

It was confirmed by the Minister of Emergency Situations Vladimir Shandra.

"Results of certification testified that for this time 332 settlements carried to zones of radioactive pollution, on radiological can be brought by indicators out of this status", - he speaks.

It the local government, after all supports also areas where there are radiaktivno polluted cities and villages, lose image attractive to investments.

In the Ministry of Labour and a social policy add that money for payment of privileges for Chernobyl veterans in the budget it is put ten times less, than it is necessary.

The problem is aggravated still with that in Ukraine there were many "pseudo-Chernobyl veterans", officials state.

Government intentions are opposed categorically by only victims of accident on the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Station.

On April 25 they want to carry out All-Ukrainian protest action to protect the rights.


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