Deputy money doesn't smell … 50 thousand from the budget: temptation or opportunity to help the voter?

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Very few people from citizens guess that annually the considerable sum is allocated for performance of orders of voters to each deputy of the City Council. But as these means and who these voters who give instructions to deputies, tried to find out the correspondent of "NB" are distributed.

The district disappeared, but money remained

Deputies of city council 5-го convocation inherited opportunity independently to distribute budgetary funds from the predecessors - "mazhoritarshchik". Then for the solution of tasks on the district to each deputy the unlimited sum of means was allocated from city treasury. Working at the district, the deputy received instructions from the voters and to them reported for their performance. Now with transition to a proportional election system when instead of districts there were party lists, the electorate ceased to know "the heroes by sight". Instead of specific people in the ballot there were parties and blocks. It is unlikely the average voter will be able to call at least three deputies of that political force for which he gave the vote. And especially the deputy who has come to be in local council on "will of party", hardly has a clear idea of the electorate, its needs and problems. The district disappeared, but means in the budget remained...

The deputy of the deputy sees from far away

Last fiscal year presented very generously deputies and their voters: 4,5 million UAH on all deputy brotherhood, including the mayor and the secretary of the City Council.

But at once I want to make a reservation, to the ordinary voter who will come to the deputy with the personal request, shines nothing! The provision on an expenditure of "deputy" means assumes expenditure only on municipal property. Schools, kindergartens, hospitals, policlinics … - here objects of deputy charity.

Certainly, deputies didn't stand aside from problems of a city community.As showed journalistic investigation, on the funds allocated by it from city treasury, the diagnostic equipment in hospitals and policlinics is bought, computer classes at schools are established, roofs are repaired, entrances of houses and even are arranged well city parks.

Whether but deputies in the desire to help this or that city institution are so unselfish? When studying documents even with the naked eye it is visible: to one establishment deputies measured much, to another - on a minimum …

To take, for example, health care. The greatest sum was directed on maternity hospital No. 1. The secret of deputy generosity is simple: the chief physician of maternity hospital E.P. Volokhov - the deputy of the City Council (Party of Regions). On carrying out capital repairs of a roof and other current needs by sharing the cost deputies gathered more than 260 thousand hryvnias. And Evgeny Pavlovich couldn't but be the patriot of the native medical institution therefore the deputy fifty-kopeck piece too enclosed "in birth rate". In a year before last the deputy also carried out capital repairs of maternity hospital, 81 thousand UAH for this purpose was necessary. 28 thousand more hryvnias deputy left on soft stock and other needs of maternity hospital.

Other medical institution - a gorpoliklinik No. 3, - headed by other deputy - the regional S. V. Motuz, was financed for less modest sum - about 240 thousand hryvnias. On these means conditioners (30 thousand UAH) were bought, the endoscopic equipment (135 thousand UAH) is acquired, maintenance (30 thousand UAH) and so forth is made. In 2007 to this establishment about 40 thousand hryvnias were allocated.

People's deputies to 2-й a gorpoliklinik were slightly less loyal. For 160 thousand hryvnias "deputy" to the chief physician to the deputy of the City Council T.I. Dubinets (PR) was succeeded to carry out repair in policlinic (about 60 thousand UAH), to get the encephalograph (about 20 thousand UAH) and the other equipment. The deputy contribution of the chief physician to repair of establishment made 45 thousand UAH. But 2007 on a gorpoliklinik No. 2 about 300 thousand hryvnias deputy went. From them on carrying out capital repairs of policlinic - about 30 thousand UAH, on repair of a day hospital -

36 thousand UAH, on acquisition фиброгастродуоденоскопа "Olimpus" - more than 130 thousand UAH

For comparison we will give results of distribution of means on other medical institutions: No. 3 GP - about 70 thousand UAH, No. 1 GP - about 40 thousand UAH, No. 5 GP - 14 thousand UAH, maternity hospital No. 2 - 27 thousand UAH, maternity hospital No. 3 - 17 thousand UAH, BSMP - 60 thousand UAH, No. 1 GB - 30 thousand UAH., No. 4 GB - 90 thousand UAH, etc.

Similar situation with children's clinics. It is unlikely the children's hospital No. 2 would receive 70 thousand hryvnias, if not efforts of the deputy O. G. Yarovenko (PR) who manages in hospital pediatric office. Personal participation of the physician in development is material - technical base of children's hospital at the expense of deputy made 30 thousand hryvnias. Other child care medical institutions can't brag of such indicators: the nursery of a gorpoliklinik No. 1 received 6 thousand UAH, No. 2 - 8 thousand UAH, No. 3 - 13,5 thousand UAH, No. 4 - 31 thousand UAH

In physical culture and sports the palm is held by School of the highest sports skill. On this sports establishment deputies were in total dumped for the sum about 200 thousand UAH. Requirements at sport school the most various: from acquisition of the academic boats and sport stock before carrying out uchebno - training collecting. The trainer of this sports institution interceded for ShVSM the deputy from BYuT fraction V. N. Nikolaev before the colleagues on a diplomatic corps.

Other sport schools of the city - sports school No. 1, No. 6, specialized schools on fencing and soccer received from 3 to 20 thousand hryvnias. The greatest sum was directed on KDYuSSh "Kommunarovets" - about 40 thousand hryvnias.

Laptop as integral element of process of training

Weren't ignored deputy and comprehensive schools. Certainly: without the deputy help to many educational institutions it wouldn't be succeeded to decide the become painful - to get school furniture, to repair rooms, to update computer classes, to replace old windows (about 30% of windows are replaced at the expense of "deputy" means). But, as it appeared, again not real needs of an institution, and ability of the principal to find "a way to heart" the deputy were defining factor at distribution of means. It is unlikely former deputy of the City Council to the director of high school No. 19 A.A. Ilyin would manage to scrape up on a new computer class for pupils (50 thousand hryvnias), if not the communications which have remained from a deputatstvo of the previous convocation.

Easily the deputy - the regional principal No. 18 N. K. Kolechko found a common language with the colleagues: for 90 thousand of "deputy" money repair was made, the furniture and other necessary materials is acquired. I enclosed nearly a half of these means (40 thousand UAH) in the school and the director. In a year before last 19-ую school too didn't offend: about 40 thousand UAH were spent for a protection of school.

Other schools where the director isn't a deputy, received on the average from 10 to 50 thousand UAH. There are also obvious outsiders: on No. No. 32, 44, 17, 37 schools the sum of deputy donations didn't exceed 10 thousand hryvnias. Deputies at all forgot about some schools.

However, some schools took the deputy help gifts. Schoolboys from 2-й gymnasiums and schools No. 25 were largely lucky: to them deputies Burkun (PR) and Morozov (Blok of Vitrenko) presented laptops "for educational process". For what to schools portable computers, are certainly more visible to directors and deputies. But really in present conditions there are no more necessary things which the school, than purchase of the expensive laptop for budgetary funds needs?

The official - too the voter

Deputies and don't forget to take care of officials. To the member of fraction of the For Chaika block, the deputy of city council V. F. Dynenkov voters charged to acquire office equipment (2 thousand hryvnias) for … department of transport of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies. Probably, to make this acquisition to the deputy grateful passengers punished for excellent job of city transport …

The deputy Evgenia Sergeevna Bondarenko (Vitrenko's block) didn't regret the "deputy" funds for a computerization of other gorispolkomovsky structure - department of social protection of the population. On money of the deputy the department acquired the laptop with a projector (8 thousand UAH), two city shelters (7 thousand UAH) are equipped with computers. The aspiration to help department which the father of the deputy Sergey Nikolaevich Bondarenko directs, on - visible, is explained by execution not so much deputy, how many, probably, a family debt.

By the way, all on a computerization and a hardware of department and its structural divisions (the regional territorial centers for service of unprotected segments of the population) "deputy" means about 30 thousand UAH left. For this money computers, printers, a radio telephone are acquired. Responding to the request of edition, the department director explained that need of acquisition of new equipment is explained by increase in amounts of works, introduction of the new software, and also frequent breakages of computers and their obsolescence... Only it isn't clear - why for means of people's deputies.

On a roof of the house of the

Careful studying of demands of deputies of the City Council led to one more opening: if in the house there lives the deputy, so with repair of an entrance, a roof, heating systems residents will have all "o'ky".Therefore, exit one: to register already ready deputy or someone from residents "to attach" in a depuy corps on the following elections. So, the deputy of the City Council M. E. Zolotukhin (For Chaika block) changed in the apartment house heating system (Tchaikovsky St., 30а), and in a year before last on the home established metal doors and peaks on entrances. At public expense rather for 30 thousand hryvnias "deputy". The deputy L.N. Lyakh (Russia party), judging by the financial management data, repairs the second year the same entrance of own house on Vaslyaev St., 33, vbukhivy annually in permanent repair 5,5 thousand UAH. It was lucky with the neighbor and to inhabitants of the house on st. of Frunze, 58. Thanks to the deputy V. V. Morozov (N. Vitrenko's block) house entrances (29 thousand UAH) are repaired. Related communications pushed also the deputy N. S. Nezhdanova (N. Vitrenko's block) to send to 10 thousand UAH" deputy" on repair 2-го a house entrance on Mira Ave., 14. Thanks to the inhabitant of the house on Krasnykh St. Mayevshchikov, 13, to the deputy V. G. Pilyak (PR) in the yard of this high-rise building is put asphalt (6,5 thousand UAH). Recently resigned from himself deputy authority S. P. Choubin (N. Vitrenko's block) also took care of the house in which lives - repaired 1-й a house entrance on Lazurnaya St., 10в (10 thousand UAH). The second year in the house of the deputy G. N. Yaroshenko (N. Vitrenko's block) down the street Country, 13-and capitally the roof, one of entrances are under repair, the storm sewerage is licked into shape. 20 thousand "deputy" left on repair last year and 8 in the before last.

Clear business - at court everyone is for himself. But after all deputy means were given to people's deputies not for maintenance of homes, satisfaction of needs of neighbors, and for the sharpest needs of voters.

The furniture is closer …

It appears, by means of budgetary funds it is possible to strengthen and own business: without any problems to attach own production. So, the director of JSC Nikolayevmebel, the deputy of the City Council (PR) G.G. Harchenko sold to city medical institutions furniture for the sum of 45 thousand hryvnias for … own "deputy" means.

The deputy gave deputy to medical institutions (to city hospital No. 3 and BSMP it is allocated on 18 thousand UAH, and a gorpoliklinik No. 3 - 9 thousand UAH), and those, in turn, paid back the deputy with that on these means bought from it his furniture.

And not so much in this history surprises resourcefulness of the deputy - the businessman, managed to profit even by the "deputy powers", how many indifference of the physicians disposing of budgetary funds. As it became known, none of chief physicians of the specified institutions (and we addressed for the comment in BSMP and to a gorpoliklinik No. 3) at all weren't confused by that fact that supplier of products (furniture factory) was already in advance defined. And to explain our request why they chose this enterprise as the supplier of furniture, answered that they accepted excellent quality of production, the price and lack of an advance payment.

Instead of an epilog

Oleg Soskin, director of Institute of transformation of society (Kiev):

- The problem that the deputies elected on party lists, have no districts, and, so isn't present also the subject who elected them and before which it is necessary to answer. They, in fact, aren't elected, and appointed.

Actually, there was an election of political force which wrote to the list of the people, absolutely not known to a community, but convenient to the highest hierarchy of party. Task of such deputies to raise in time hands when to them will tell the party management and in parallel to solve the business - tasks or to do political projects.

Therefore and at distribution of means to performance of so-called deputy powers, at the deputy or are completely given a free hand (he after all before voters doesn't answer), or he acts as the management of that political force which wrote down it in so-called deputies will order. To whom to give money, whose structures to repair - a field for abuses enormous.

It actually is called corruption - a clan mode therefore also they allocate this money only for strengthening of the corruption political power.

The first this system was entered by Omelchenko in Kiev to buy the majority in Kiyevsoveta. Unfortunately, it went further to regions and took the awful ugly forms, especially, when there were "party" deputies.

And with "mazhoritarshchik" not everything is so unambiguous. After all if to think, they are given money from the budget for their any work. That is took away money from a community, got into a pocket of the taxpayer and gave to people who got on deputy places and will be them дерибанить. It is in an itself vicious method. It is necessary that each deputy had the fund where will bring donations, and let work.

In my opinion, the only rescue for the country and for the people are urgent elections in the Verkhovna Rada according to open lists on an election system on the basis of English model when parties (nominal blocks are excluded) propose candidates in each concrete district. And at local level - return to the majority principle. Other option isn't present.

Leaders of five largest fractions city "NB" asked for suggestions to answer in what they see sense of assignment from the budget for performance of deputy powers?

Pyotr Zibrov, chairman of fraction of Party of Regions (45 deputies):

- In my opinion, the money, allocated to deputies, more controllable. In the sense that the deputy can personally track as money for this or that object is spent.

In - the second, the deputy sees where money doesn't suffice, and directs there.

Each political party went with a certain program, promised the solution of any questions. According to this program the depuy corps has an opportunity to realize part of this program.

We made the decision: 60% of means to spend for common cause, and 40% we leave on the solution of the questions. Then at fraction meeting we vote where to send these 60% of "deputy" money - on such - that and such - that to the purpose.

For example, the city policlinic No. 2 serves 100 thousand people, but in the meantime in it there is no the normal diagnostic equipment, all old. At BSMP wasn't a X-ray - the equipment, and after all lives of people depend on it. Who will acquire this equipment? The deputy - "mazhoritarshchik" never would resolve these issues. "Mazhoritarshchik" on the district could help 3-4 thousand people. One deputy never would collect 300-400 thousand UAH on equipment acquisition. Mazhoritarshchik would stretch this money on districts.

Oleg Mudrak, chairman of fraction of Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc (11 deputies):

- On this money deputies carry out direct manuals of voters, plus help the organizations, the establishments which representatives come with the cares, complaints. To the deputy in certain situations is more visible where to direct this money. After all the car of executive power is inert in essence, isn't always quick in the solution of urgent problems.

At fractional meetings we consider petitions, appeals of various organizations - kindergartens, schools, hospitals.Then depending on degree of importance we try to execute them. Our deputies are distributed on city areas. In each area there are deputies to which deputies come with the petitions.

Dmitry Nikonov, chairman of fraction of the Block Natalya Vitrenko "National opposition" (10 deputies)

- When the deputy has the sum, allocated to him from the city budget, it directs it on concrete affairs on which to it there are addresses. I want nothing bad to tell concerning our officials, heads of departments, but they deal more with the general issues, more global in city sizes. And to the deputy people come to reception, and it faces more often problems of citizens. This money allows to resolve urgent issues partially.

At the deputy control over performance of work is better, more rigid. The deputy will come to a place, will feel hands, will look at the estimate.

All fraction works separately. We have a tradition: we accumulate part of money that, having collected a large sum to make powerful acquisition. So, we collected and acquired the stomatologic equipment for policlinic No. 2, it not private policlinic, socially unprotected segments of the population there receive service.

Unlike "mazhoritarshchik", at us now the deputy is responsible for all bulk. We aren't limited to one districts, and we can allocate funds in any part of the city where the voter wouldn't live. And the more so the chairman of fraction can check, whether the deputy on a reception of citizens goes.

Victor Evdokimov, chairman of fraction of the civil block "Nikolaev for Vladimir Chaika" (7 deputies):

- People and therefore he too has to take any part address to the deputy. If to the deputy funds weren't allocated for implementation of its powers, these means would paint on managements of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies … And so the deputy sees any serious problems and can take part in their decision.

Not we thought up this "method". In Kiev in general deputies to 3 million own means have. The same in regional council. Such practice of years at us 8.

All this began since then when deputies were distributed on districts, and the deputy knew problems of the district, than someone another better. Then it was allocated on 15 thousand, but also thousands were others. And our fraction in principle on the Factory area made distribution of deputies on districts. Here I have already five convocations the same district, and try to work there.

Besides, there were Vladimir Dmitriyevich Chaika's general appeals to all deputies to help with so and so. As far as possible we responded. Agree, it would be silly if the fraction with his name didn't respond.

Sergey Litvak, chairman of fraction of Green Party of Ukraine (7 deputies):

- If the deputy communicates with people, he better sees problems. Try to get on reception to someone from deputies of the mayor, it is necessary to wait huge turn. And the deputy is more available.

It began when there were majority districts. And I as the deputy saw better than a problem of people. From where, for example, the director of the department of housing and communal services at whom the roof flows knows. And I knew, to me people came to reception. Generally from my district. It turns out more pointwise.

And even earlier, during election campaign, I distributed leaflets - orders of voters. And then, having become the deputy, I carried out these orders: something at the expense of the budget, something at the expense of that money which go for deputy activity.

Now, it seems to me, there is no systemacity. Who came to me to reception, to that I allocated funds. And now we help those schools which were on our districts earlier.

Obshchefraktsionno we to anybody didn't allocate funds, kazhy itself was defined. Generally on those districts which we had.

Educations - in the forefront

From 4,5 million hryvnias allocated for performance of deputy powers, nearly 1,5 million UAH (31,45%) deputies listed on schools and city kindergartens. 1,3 million UAH (28,39%) were distributed on objects of the sphere of health care. About 700 thousand UAH (15%) went on zhilishchno - the municipal sphere.

Some large projects were realized by Party of Regions. For school and kindergarten of Big Korenikhi regionals at the expense of the deputy means established pump rooms for purification of the polluted water. Total cost of two pump rooms - 299 thousand hryvnias. About 75 thousand hryvnias deputies - regionals collected on financing "Programs of support of Russian and the Russian culture in Nikolaev for 2008-11". At the expense of these means library stocks of the city will be filled up with works of the Russian world fiction, the scientific and other books published in Russian.

Other BYuT large fraction in city council looked after veterans - afganayets, having allocated funds for the city program "Social Security 2007-2011" (actions of city council of soldiers - internationalists for veterans of war, disabled people and members of families who were lost in Afghanistan).

Unfortunately, deputies are directly deprived of opportunity to help needy citizens. Therefore a number of deputies financed the city comprehensive program "Social protection for 2007-11", directed on social protection of the needy. The deputy S. M. Litvak allocated for these purposes of 2,5 thousand UAH, S. M. Palivod - 1 thousand UAH, D. I. Prokofiev - 10 thousand UAH

Interesting application for deputy "fifty-kopeck piece" was found by the mayor Chaika. At the expense of these means the square of "Kindness" which is on crossing Engineering and Admiral's was well-planned.

By the way, thanks to deputies in Nikolaev there has to be a square of "Prelate Nikolay" near the railway station. The regional S. V. Shulgach directed to 30 thousand hryvnias on development of the project of this square.


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