Frost already Semenyuk in presidents considers as a mistake promotion?

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The leader Alexander Moroz on the last political council of Socialist party declared that Valentina Semenyuk's promotion - Samsonenko to a position of the president was a mistake.

I reported about it left party ex-the Minister of Education and Science Stanislav Nikolayenko.

"Elections passed, Valentina - the candidate. But after political council I didn't consider a unified plan in its support. The dignity of Sanych arrived classically. By means of the influence on party at first I derailed Nikolayenko, and then cultural discredited Valentina Petrovna", - Nikoalenko noted, reports Liga.Net.

"Those channels which supported in due time Socialist party, - "New", STB - shined its trip to Turkey for a honeymoon. Therefore, our hands it became. The dignity of Sanych will tell then that there is nobody in party worthy and he will go to presidential election. Already on the last political council Moroz declared that promotion Semenyuk to a position of the president was a mistake", - he added.

The ex-the socialist reported that regularly communicates with Semenyuk and anywhere in the press anything bad about it didn't tell.

"We at congress had elections of the candidate for president on ноу - Hau. All wrote by hand for whom you vote. And after sir Melnichuk (Mikhail Melnichuk - the secretary of political council of SPU) I took questionnaires and I looked for whom who votes. Who wasn't afraid, voted as wanted. And who was afraid - as it is necessary. When I saw it, was shocked", - the politician told.

Earlier Moroz declared that the Socialist party of Ukraine proposed the candidate of the former head of the State property fund of Ukraine for presidential election Semenyuk - Samsonenko.

"It - one of the best economists in Ukraine", - he explained a choice of socialists. Later Semenyuk - Samsonenko declared that is sure that the representative of SPU will be the following President.


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