Repetition of elections-2004 won't be. Everything will be more technologically and prodazhny

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The following presidential campaign will be more expensive, than in 2004, but with smaller violations of the law.

So the chairman of committee of voters Alexander Chernenko considers.

"The price of a position of the president is overstated. The main political players consider it as something improbable - as if after elections for them will come or "paradise on Earth", or all will be lost. Certainly, it will affect campaign. However, I think, we won't have such amazing problems as in 2004", - he in interview" told Ukraine young ".

"For example, if to speak about administrative resource, it now isn't concentrated. Governors "support one political force, a vertical of the ministries - another, militiamen too are divided. Mayors, the director of the enterprises and rectors of higher education institutions - everyone will use according to the lights administrative resource, but the centralized system won't be", - Chernenko noted.

According to him, upcoming elections will be more technological.

"Besides, the last experience shows that very popular there is a bribery of voters that can play a role against the general rozcharovanost: earlier the voter was more ideological and though how many him buy, he all the same in the bulk voted as wanted, and against present crisis many will think: "All of them identical, and I am better to earn on it excess kopek", - Chernenko noted.

He agreed that on "human" point of expenses the next election campaign will be more expensive.

"And not only from - for works with people, but also with mass media. If at first after 2004 journalists worked objectively, chose socially important facts for lighting, the balance of opinions, in recent years this tradition kept is lost. If now it is a question of an event, even socially significant, the candidate won't show without extra financial fee. Politicians corrupted also journalists", - the head of KIU told.

Chernenko didn't begin to compare elections in Mukachevo and Ternopol on value for future presidential election.

"But, really, elections in Ternopolshchina were sign. I wouldn't characterize them as rehearsal (before presidential election) - I would call them a lesson...All political forces have to take out a lesson from elections in Ternopolshchina. And main: to fight against elections - means to harm to itself", - the head of KIU told.


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