Since the beginning of 2008 in the Nikolaev area 80 people died in road accident

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Dorozhno - transport incident is always a grief and tears, unjustified losses and boundless bitterness.

Since the beginning of year in the territory of the Nikolaev area in 1578 dorozhno - transport incidents 80 people were lost and 483 - were injured. These figures show that participants of traffic yet didn't learn to respect the Traffic regulation and each other, to avoid mistakes at management of the vehicle. The relentless militia statistics testifies to it.

Whoever recognized responsible for road accident competent experts, but the main character on the road always there is a driver. In the current year because of drivers 1650 road accidents, from 46 - because of drivers who dared to take the wheel in a state of intoxication are already made.

There is a question: "Really only unskilled "helmsmen" come out to roads? Or can at them there is no attentiveness and reaction to changes of a road situation? ".

Ignoring of Traffic regulations - management of drunk transport, speed excess, the wrong maneuvering, departure on a strip of oncoming traffic, violation of the rules of journey of intersections is the main reason of accidents. Unfortunately, such tendency remains for many years.

Employees of the State traffic inspectorate apply a set of forces and means for stabilization of an emergency situation on roads. At first years inspectors of GAI sun-dried and stopped more than 160 thousand violations of the rules of traffic. Such violation as management of the drunk vehicle (9614 facts) has no justifications. Speed excess - over 39 thousand. Signs of restriction and the prevention is not the State traffic inspectorate whim, and care of safety of drivers and their passengers.

Mistake of drivers when moving intersections - the real scourge for settlements, and especially big cities. Many drivers pass intersections not by rules and as will like (25944 facts).Such experiments not seldom come to an end with accidents.

It is necessary to struggle and with culture of our drivers at crosswalks. In 5 thousand cases it is revealed that drivers violate rules of journey of crosswalks. More than 5 thousand drivers created an emergency on area roads which could or led to road accident.

Share taxis, the trucks, eternally hurrying cars, sometimes not on the fault, become a cause of death of adults, and it is most terrible than minor inhabitants of Nikolaev and the Nikolaev area. Since the beginning of year the staff of GAI elicited and stopped 25317 facts when motorists violated rules of overtaking.

From total number of the revealed offenses, 10798 are violations for which the legislation provides administrative responsibility in the form of deprivation of the right of management by the vehicle for a certain period of time. In total vessels of area took out 2665, 7826 resolutions on penalty imposing. resolutions on deprivation of drivers of vehicles of the right of management for a period of 6 months to 3-x years.

The existing administrative legislation in the sphere of safety of traffic provides penalties: for driving by the vehicle in an alcohol intoxication from 255 to 340 UAH or deprivation of the right of management from 12 to 24 months; for emergency creation from 34 to 68 UAH or deprivation of the right of management from 6 to 12 months; for speed excess, overtaking violation of the rules - the prevention or a penalty from 8,5 to 17 UAH; for violations of traffic regulations by pedestrians - the prevention or a penalty from 1,7 to 8,5 UAH. After all, you see, that such penalties frighten for a long time nobody.

The low culture of drivers and pedestrians in total with scanty bags of penalties, promote unsolemn war on roads in which life of tens people breaks and crippled every minute.

Today the legislation on traffic demands cardinal changes, the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko constantly speaks about it also. One of the main priorities of the activity it called accident rate reduction on highways of our state.

The bill "About Modification of Acts of Ukraine in the Sphere of Safety of Traffic" was submitted to the Verkhovna Rada for consideration. The basic principles of development of such bill is the principle of inevitability of punishment, strengthening of responsibility for violation of traffic regulations.This law was already adopted in the first reading. Consideration of this bill was planned for June 17, however this question wasn't brought up by the Verkhovna Rada. Such position promotes a disorder on our roads and breakers of rules of traffic remain unpunished.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs calls People's Deputies of Ukraine, will return to consideration of this bill soon. After all how many lives it is possible to save?


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