Melnichenko hints that "Gongadze's business" slow down in Russia

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The major Nikolay Melnichenko considers that the State Office of Public Prosecutor of Russia refuses to give help to the Ukrainian party in a legal investigation of Georgy Gongadze.

He told about it in interview to the Seychas newspaper.

Melnichenko noted that lack of key figures in "Gongadze's business" the general Alexey Pukacha and ex-the Interior Minister Yury Kravchenko "doesn't allow to recreate a full picture of a crime".

"But unambiguously Kuchma with Litvin were involved in commission of especially dangerous crimes which are recorded on records. Even if Pukach will arrive to Ukraine, it never will give evidences against Kuchma or Litvin. It is necessary to catch Pukacha, of course, but to go in cycles in they are isn't present", - he told.

"Another is important: Medvedko now has to place emphasis that the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia refuses to help an investigation of Ukraine in interrogation of particular persons who held negotiations on behalf of Kuchma in Moscow in August - September, 2004", - Melnichenko added.

The major answered a question who specifically in the Russian management gave the command "lower this business on brakes":

"Directly under the auspices of the then president of the Russian Federation Putin (within the commission Kuchma - Putin) my negotiations in Moscow were held. Generals of FSB and Kuchma's representatives participated in them. Let the Russian side will answer about nuances of these negotiations, on what conditions they проиходили and who was an initiator".

At this Melnichenko considers that the public prosecutor Alexander Medvedko "doesn't slow down investigation of the this case".

"But it could be more cynical and impudent that laws were executed, and the consequence moved ahead quicker. For example, to address to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with an initiative to send a note of protest to the Russian Foreign Ministry about non-execution of bilateral obligations", - he told.

"Same could make Yushchenko and Tymoshenko. But they not really zealously defend national interests of Ukraine therefore, to them I have claims", - Melnichenko added.


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