Zarubinsky: To say that Baloga - a fiend it is very naive

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The People's Deputy from fraction Vladimir Litvin Oleg Zarubinsky admitted that with him conducted negotiations on transition to the operating coalition. But he considers that in fraction "Our Ukraine - National self-defense" there can be 37 deputies, ready to create the new coalition with Party of Regions.

To Litvin's block suggested to enter the democratic coalition in the Verkhovna Rada which now goes to pieces?

Certainly, those who now want to keep the coalition, consider Blok Litvin as a stick - a lifesaver. But we won't be a patch for "Titanic". After all disorder of the coalition is the in advance planned scenario. Only the naive person can believe that it not so. Let's say the Ivy (what I very much doubt) will strengthen the coalition, but tomorrow it leaves ten more people. That is the coalition anyway won't suffice for a long time.

Oleg Aleksandrovich, here your leader directly declared that deputies of the block actually try to buy up to keep the present coalition. Tell honestly, to you such offers arrived?

My familiar deputies approached to me and on - friendly told supposedly you well all you know, with all is familiar, here it would be good … But I stopped at once such conversation - me it doesn't interest.

In BYuT and which - who in "WELL - NANOSECONDS" claim that behind the plan for disorder of the coalition there is a head of the presidential SecretariatVictor Baloga. You support this opinion?

When call one Balogu it it isn't absolutely correct. I don't know any country where the chief of staff, the secretariat, administrations or offices of the president pursued the independent policy. He is the hired worker. Another thing is that he, obviously, offers different options of actions: one - more radical, others - less. However the decision is made by the president. Therefore to say that Baloga is a fiend it is very naive. Especially as in elimination of the coalition are interested in Party of Regions.Otherwise unless this question would be brought up?

If not Baloga, who?

As it is paradoxical, today nobody is interested in new elections. I will explain, why. After the Kiev elections Yulia Vladimirovna, obviously, understood that at parliamentary elections of BYuT can receive unpredictable result. The president also understands, the political force which supports him how many will gather.

They say that the Kiev elections became for many "a cold shower".

I can't tell that elections in Kiev were shocking for Party of Regions. However for clever brains which, certainly, are in this political force, the result in the capital became indicative. As for communists - level of their support constantly decreases. As it ridiculously sounds, but Blok could be interested in these elections of Litvin. Certainly, we won't take 20%. But percent of 8-10% - it is absolutely real. Even the political strategist "WELL - NANOSECOND" Igor Zhdanov admitted recently mass media that Blok already has Lytvyna six percent.

Therefore the Verkhovna Rada needs to work only.

But it doesn't work...

Here events can develop according to two scenarios. More probable - slow process. Arseniy Yatsenyuk (speaker of parliament. - "Business") doesn't declare coalition elimination. The majority from the political point of view continues to exist as the government works, but thus the coalition in the legislative plan becomes the impotent man. And so can proceed long enough. Option second. The speaker declares coalition elimination, and under the law, month on formation of the new coalition - on a basis "WELL - NANOSECOND" and Party of Regions is given. All understand that when Yanukovych went under the influence of a certain wing of the party for early elections, it had guarantees that it becomes the subject of the wide coalition.

But as a result of them cleaned from the power. Here to you and the answer - why?

But in "WELL - the NANOSECOND" is part of deputies who never will go to the coalition with Party of Regions, to take at least "National self-defense"?

And for formation of the new coalition also it isn't necessary that "National self-defense" was included into the coalition. The decision on coalition creation, as well as on an exit from it, accepts the majority of fraction.

For the decision on an exit "WELL -" from the coalition it is necessary to NANOSECOND that in this fraction 37 people voted?

37 people in "WELL - NANOSECOND" for an exit from the coalition can quite be gathered.

Well, well, let us assume, 37 people in "WELL - NANOSECOND" will be, but for formation it is necessary much more. In Party of Regions of 175 people, for creation of the new coalition it is necessary to them at least 51 members of WELL-NANOSECOND fraction.

You know, in the Ukrainian policy there are dishonest, cynical people. But stupid isn't present. Screenwriters of this plot well counted everything. Besides, I am sure, after elimination of the coalition signals to Blok of Litvin will amplify.

On what conditions you are ready to join the coalition "WELL - NANOSECOND" - Party of Regions?

We don't lay down any conditions. Those who considered that for us are important any chairs, I think, already could be convinced that it not so.

To us offered a post of the speaker in October of last year, but we refused it. We won't change our principles for personnel preferences. Once so the leader arrivedSPUAlexander Moroz. Where it now? For us the basic that our election program was implemented.

That is in the coalition you don't gather yet?

I don't say that we won't take part in negotiation process on creation of the new coalition. If our principles are accepted, the land of agricultural purpose won't be sold, privatization of the strategic enterprises won't be carried out, then there will be a subject for conversations.

If Blok of Litvin entered into the coalition, for what ministerial positions would apply?

I can't tell, we even while have no such bastings. We didn't discuss this question. It is set prematurely.

It is known that in Blok Lytvyna is a lot of the deputies close to the regional Vasily Khmelnytsky. These people can't strive on accession to the new coalition?

Litvin's block consists of two subjects: People's party which is led by Litvin, and Labour party which is led by the Orphan where really there are Khmelnytsky's partners. In six months of collaboration we had no problems and the conflicts therefore I don't think that they will tighten us in any way in the coalition with Party of Regions.

But Khmelnytsky financed your block at parliamentary elections?

Absolutely probably. But we had no situation when the block financed from one pocket. Us finance small doses, but it is a lot of people, and the majority it isn't simple ours симпатики, and party members, and they aren't ashamed of it.

And who main donors of the block?

There is a lot of them. Annually we publish the statistical report on contributions in our party newspaper, you can look. We try to work is very transparent.

And Khmelnytsky financed the Kiev elections?

No. As far as I know, it financed other block but which I won't tell is not my business. Ask better it. Details on financing of the Kiev elections specify at the head of a local cell Pilipishin.

Why the businessman Igor Yeremeyev didn't want to enter the list of the Block of Litvin on out of (the next parliamentary elections? You in general cooperate with it?

It made such decision. Yeremeyev simply not parliamentarian. But it constantly works with us. At the last congress he was re-elected as the first deputy party leader Litvin.

And how you dispersed from Levochkin?

As for Levochkin - he never was the member of our party. And that it wasn't in the list in 2006, doesn't say that he from us turned away. I will tell so: we have on it no offenses.

For what purpose the president appointed Litvin the rector of University of a name of Shevchenko, and then the head of the supervisory board at university?

Answer to this question rather simple. At National university of Shevchenko the abnormal situation was created. 23 years in it weren't elections of the rector, and it was headed by one person - Skopenko. Many supported its removal, and this situation developed into the huge conflict. Then the president also addressed to Litvin as he is the moderate person and is able to find contact with people. Litvin agreed to head higher education institution temporarily. Thus he declared that won't run for the rector. Then Skopenko retired, Gubersky was appointed the acting as the rector, and Litvin again became the head of the supervisory board at university as it and was to the decree of the president about appointment.


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