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The Bloomberg agency, one of the most authoritative sources business - information in the world, in October overestimated Rinat Akhmetov's condition. The richest Ukrainian and only representative of our country in a rating TOP of-100 billionaires of the world–Bloomberg Billionaires Index– I took off from it. Now it takes the 109th place with a condition of $ of 10,5 billion

Since the beginning of year Akhmetov lost 18% or $2,4 billion. Main falling it was necessary the last three months, that is the most active phase anti-terrorist operation in the east of Ukraine. Still he took in an August rating 88-ю a position with the capital of $12,8 billion. A certain role in such falling was played also by crisis in the raw markets–condition of the Indian metallurgical magnate Lakshmi of Mittal too decreased.

Forbes conducting the calculation of conditions of capitalists meanwhile didn't reconsider the rating. In May, 2014 he estimated Akhmetov's fortune in $11,2 billion against $15,4 billion in 2013.

April 2014-го

Still a year ago business of the Donetsk oligarch strong stood on the feet, and it possessed, appear, unshakable positions in the Ukrainian policy and business. Akhmetov's empire at the president Yanukovych grew by leaps and bounds– it DTEK companywithout competitors and actually at the starting price I bought up the generation companies, on favorable conditions I rented large coal public industries, I became the monopolist of export of the Ukrainian current to Europe. Also the metallurgical direction–didn't lag behind «Metinvest»  I grew Mariupol metallurgical complex and Zaporozhstal. Revenue SKM for last year I reached $24,4 billion

Progress and on a football field pleased. «To favourite toy» oligarch – Donetsk «To the miner» –wasn't equal in the Ukrainian championship. To the Euromaidan and war on Donbass to contend with Akhmetov on influence on the region and Ukraine in general there was nobody– it conceded unless most To Yanukovych.

The revolution victory, escape ex-the president from the country could return to Akhmetov a rank «owner of Donbass» , but war took out on the top of others «heroes». In the end of December Akhmetov spoke to activists of the Euromaidan: «For me the biggest sanction–if I am not able to go on the Donetsk earth and I won't be able to breathe this air».When on Donbass were already taken some state administrations, Akhmetov still I tried to keep reputation of the owner of the region. «Yet such shot that I left the country» wasn't born, – he assured in April. Since the end of May businessman sits out near Kiev while the part of its enterprises appeared in epicenter of military operations in the territory of the self-proclaimed republics.

«Who had more business, that is more and suffers» ,–the governor of Donetsk region Sergey Taruta noticed in one of interview.

On a twist of fate Akhmetov could play a key role in the exile and further escalation of the conflict. On the night of April 8 it arrived to the seized Donetsk regional administration «to talk to people» and to try not to allow power occupation of the building in exchange for its release. «Rinat considered that the reputation, in particular, the unshakable reputation among youth he will be able to break a situation,–Taruta told.–And in that situation to go without protection to crowd where not everyone was in an adequate state where people in hands had fittings, it was the act». Then at Akhmetov it turned out to convince vice-the prime minister Vitaly Yarema to refuse power capture.

If YEAH took, events in Donetsk could go according to the Kharkov scenario. On the same day the local regional state administration in Kharkov was smoothed out by security officers, and in the city there came the world. On April 12, in five days after Akhmetov's visit to YEAH, the armed group seized Slavic police station.  «Peace protest» I turned into the armed opposition which proceeds still.

Victim of war

It is obvious that present «markdown» Akhmetova–not the last. The first half of the year the DTEK company uniting power assets of the oligarch finished with net loss 7,6 billion hryvnias in comparison with net profit of 1,2 billion hryvnias for the similar period 2013-го. The second half of the year will be much worse. «DTEK, the largest private energy company of Ukraine, needs type of coal which is got only in the Luhansk region» ,–writes Bloomberg about Akhmetov's business. In September the company reported that is compelled from - for stops of work of several mines to carry coal from the enterprises in Russia and to buy missing volumes from the Russian producers.

War on Donbass broke production and logistics of the coal and power enterprises. «The remains of coal allow to work from 10 to 20 days depending on type of station» ,–the CEO of DTEK Maxim Timchenko told the other day.

In additives on Donbass 50% of high-voltage power lines are destroyed, for October 8 de-energized were more than 60 settlements. Timchenko complains that «DTEK» I settled margin of safety, and now the company will be able to provide deliveries of the electric power only due to receipt of funds from the state operator «Power market». For the first half of the year the state company ran into debt DTEK of 1,8 billion UAH, and until the end of the year this sum can increase on one billion.

There are affairs and at «not betterMetinvest» –cradles of akhmetovsky business. In August some enterprises of the oligarch stopped at once. After military operations extended on the most part of Donbass, Akhmetov's enterprises one by one stopped. Krasnodonugol, Enakiyevsky metal works and koksokhy, Hartsyzsky pipe plant–not the last enterprises in its business - empires. The biggest gap in metallurgical business was punched by a stop of the Adeevsky koksokhim who supplied with coke the Mariupol metallurgical giants– «Azovstal» and MMK to them Ilyich. Partially deficiency of raw materials could be blocked at the expense of other sources, but it helped only partly–plants began to work for a half of loading.

It is difficult to overestimate value of the Mariupol combines for business of the oligarch. «If they (separatists–Hubs) also managed to take Mariupol, that, I think, Rinat Leonidovich could be increased by zero» ,–I told on recent a press - conferences the governor of the Dnepropetrovsk area Igor Kolomoysky.

The Lugansk thermal power plant belonging to Akhmetov suffered from attacks

Problems in metallurgical business will find the reflection in the annual report of the company. Its publication for certain once again will reduce Akhmetov's condition. On «Metinvest» and DTEK, according to Bloomberg, is necessary $8,5 billion or exactly 80% of business.

Also image of the oligarch on which the army of consultants worked ten years suffered. Still a year ago the Forbes Ukraine magazine wrote that despite“skeletons in the cupboard”, Akhmetov had a one of the best reputations among the Ukrainian businessmen, especially on Donbass. But the indecisive position of the oligarch during the Euromaidan and events in the east of Ukraine led to that consider him nearly main responsible for everything as inhabitants of the East of Ukraine, and other part of the country.

Whether still will be…

The truce between Kiev and separatists helped only partly. In October «Metinvest» I was going to start the enterprises stopped in the summer. But the railroad on - former works unstably. That will be with the Ukrainian business in occupied territories–so far nobody knows.

Round the enterprises of the businessman shells continue to fly. One of the remained two electric inputs of the Avdeevsky koksokhim after the announcement of the world damaged again. Mariupol on - former remains in a risk zone. There are victims and among the personnel of the companies of the oligarch.

The military operations which are directly beating on metallurgical and power assets of Akhmetov,–not the only factor influencing its state. First of all, country risks increase–the cost of any business is at «conflict territory» decreases irrespective of a name of the owner, branch and the card of an arrangement of assets. In - the second, against the businessman raw orientation of his business plays–the cost of iron ore fell to 40% since the beginning of year.

Whether Akhmetov will be able to return the lost positions? «On Donbass there was a change of elite, –Kolomoysky considers.–By means of Russia, without the aid of Russia, but it occurred».

Andrey Samofalov, Alexey Gribanovsky, HUBS


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