Winemaking destruction in Nikolayevshchina won't help to overcome an economic crisis

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The initiative of the government of Tymoshenko concerning increase in a duty at production of the Ukrainian wine makers will lead to reduction of level of competitiveness of production of domestic wine makers owing to growth of retail prices that, in turn, will stimulate illegal import and production of a substitute "powder" vinoproduktion. - the first deputy chairman of the Nikolaev regional organization of the Ukrainian people's party Candidate of Economic Sciences Alexey Miroshnichenko considers.

Still bigger deterioration of a situation in area which and so suffers from consequences of a world and domestic economic crisis will turn out to be consequence of such actions and further will lead to increase in the budgetary expenses at social payments to those citizens of Ukraine who develop today a qualitative and competitive domestic product.

"The winemaking can't be compared to production of tobacco or alcoholic beverage production, is a culture and traditions which are formed for eyelids", - Alexey Miroshnichenko emphasizes, giving an example of France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Bulgaria, Georgia where this branch has serious governmental support. It reminds that the history "domestic wine growing and winemaking totals more than two thousand years - since Ancient Greek colonies in the south of Ukraine.

But, unlike wine makers of other countries, the Ukrainian producers still still feel consequences of shattering communistic campaign for fight for sobriety of the end 80-x when bulldozers destroyed vineyards of the Crimea, Nikolayevshchina, Odesshchina, Hersonshchina and other regions of Ukraine of the USSR of that time. The area didn't receive the real help and at the time of independent Ukraine therefore developed rather contrary to, than thanks to the state assistance.

According to the expert, "specifics of market economy consist that the power can help business only by methodical and consecutive long-term actions on creation of conditions for its development, and negative effect it is possible to reach very quickly - one unreasoned step, and then to try to correct consequences of unreasoned steps - long, consistently and methodically..."

Alexey Miroshnichenko urges the government "to understand once and for all that the essential increase in the income of the budget can be reached only due to growth of volumes of the Ukrainian production and consumption of a domestic production, instead of due to increase of level of the taxation which exhausts economy in a shadow even more. In this plan possible there is only temporary increase of level of the taxation of imported production for the purpose of support of own producer during crisis". About it reports a press - service of the Nikolaev regional organization



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