BYuT is eager to declare impeachment to damned Yushchenko already today

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The Yulia Tymoshenko Bloc fraction in the Verkhovna Rada considers the President Victor Yushchenko guilty that the parliament didn't include the bills, allowing to resume cooperation of Ukraine with the International Monetary Fund in the agenda of Tuesday.

The chairman of BYuT fraction told about it at a briefing in Rada, disclosing the fraction statement.

"Today, on April 14, according to direct and obvious instructions of the President Yushchenko the anti-recessionary draft of laws was failed... Victor Yushchenko gave the direct indication of part of deputies whom he personally controls, not to vote for the specified package. We are extremely revolted with such actions of the President", - is spoken in the statement.

According to deputies from BYuT, thus the head of state showed that to it national interests, and the basic are indifferent that it worries, - own rating.

"Today's vote opened the real face of the President Yushchenko and his true essence, his position and outlook: let the country after my rating" will fail, - Kirilenko told.

According to him, the person who defends such position, can't be considered as head of state.

"Today we are compelled to recognize: if the parliament didn't determine date of presidential election - on October 25 - BYuT fraction would vote already today for the beginning of procedure of impeachment to the President", - he declared.

BYuT urges the Cabinet to take urgently the measures, necessary resolutions and orders for creation of necessary standard conditions on granting the second tranche of the credit of the IMF to Ukraine.

As it was reported, Rada refused to include in the agenda for April 14 bills on balancing of the state budget for 2009, budgets of the Pension fund and National joint stock company "Neftegaz of Ukraine".


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