Digression to GAI history: as it was, is and has to be …

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The history of the State traffic inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine originates since April 14, 1997 when the Cabinet approved "The provision on the State automobile inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs". And in general this service in far 1936 when it was still included in structure of Head department is founded Is working - country militia of NKVS USSR. On July 3 the same year of RNA of the USSR I adopted the resolution "About the Adoption of Provision on the State Automobile Inspection of Head Department It Is Working — Country Militia of NKVS USSR".

In the first years of activity of a young State traffic inspectorate when still there was no qualified personnel and there was no experience, and employees had no neither patrol cars, nor a radio communication, tasks what they received, almost met the requirements of the present, namely:

- fight against accidents and injurious use of motor transport;

- development of technical norms and parameters of operation of motor transport;

- supervision over preparation and education of driver's shots;

During Big Patriotic War difficult tasks laid down on State traffic inspectorate shoulders. Many employees became its participants, and those who remained in staff, carried out motor transport mobilization on the front, during bombing of the German aircraft, being on a post, watched observance of rules of a blackout, extinguished fires and rescued people from - under fragments.

During the post-war period from army in a national economy a large number of cars and motorcycles arrives, they start being used intensively on roads which weren't completely renewed and equipped yet with technical means of adjustment of movement. Except the organization and control, employees of GAI take direct part in renewal of fleet of vehicles of the country. In the middle of 50-x years release of domestic cars exceeded pre-war level by 2, 5 times. Already at this time there is sharp a prevention and prevention question dorozhno - transport traumatism.

In the first half 60-x years the only Traffic regulation in the USSR on streets and roads comes into force.Application of indicator tubes for identification of drivers in an alcohol intoxication begins, the first stationary posts for supervision implementation on country roads are constructed. Production of examination devices for estimation of theoretical knowledge of candidates in drivers accustoms. In 70-x years the technical base of GAI considerably improves. For supervision of traffic start using radar measuring instruments of speed of vehicles, helicopters and patrulno - ambulances.

At the end of 1990-x years, with transition to market economy, the quantity of motor transport and intensity of its use considerably increases, the traffic security status considerably becomes complicated. Considerably the number of incidents and victims grows, even more often there are messages on crime on routes. All these circumstances dictated need to strengthen control from the State traffic inspectorate, to strengthen and expand its structure. For the last decade the road militia passes modernization and restructuring process in independent Ukraine.

Today the State traffic inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine totals nearly 23 thousand workers, from which 19,6 thousand, - the certified and 3,3 thousand - civilians. Now in GAI, as well as other services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, there is the structure reforming, which main goal - developing partnership between participants of traffic, protection of their legitimate rights and interests, effective prevention of accident rate and crime counteraction on the route.

At the same time technical re-equipment of divisions of the State traffic inspectorate is carried out also: the newest systems of supervision of traffic, on search of the stolen cars, registration of vehicles, diagnostics of cars and that similar take root. Also considerable attention is paid to increase of professional level of employees of GAI. In particular, the management of GAI promises that in the future in service the experts having educational level will work isn't lower than "bachelor".

Today into structure of Department of the State automobile inspection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine enters:

Managements of monitoring and information support:

- Department of monitoring

- Department of information support

Management dorozhno - patrol service, the organization of search of automotor-vehicles and scheduled maintenance:

- Department dorozhno - patrol service

- Department of the organization of search of automotor-vehicles

- Department of scheduled maintenance

Management state avtomobilno - technical inspectorate for supervision of transportation of dangerous freights and a road condition:

- Department state automobile - technical inspection

- Department of supervision of transportation of dangerous freights and road condition

- Department registratsionno - an examination-paper and control of realization of automotor-transport

Call center

Movement security service.

In recent years in Ukraine the fleet of vehicles considerably increased. Today this figure reaches already more than 9 million units. In such conditions near positive factors find the manifestation and negative - decrease in level of safety and accident rate growth. On the average, 40-45 thousand road accidents in which nearly 7 thousand perish annually are registered and are traumatized different severity to 50 thousand people. The level of social and economic losses connected with these processes, is rather great and incessantly grows that causes relevance and need of changes of the legislation for traffic safety sphere.

State traffic inspectorate department, performing the tasks put by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, according to the competence takes part in preparation of bills and controls a course of implementation of regulations in the sphere of guaranteeing traffic safety, develops new training programs and carries out active work on prevention children's dorozhno - transport traumatism (this year in Yalta the XXVIII meeting of young inspectors of movement already took place).

As before, priority tasks of the State traffic inspectorate are guaranteeing traffic safety, fight against crime on the route, providing the help to all participants of traffic, search of the stolen vehicles, the accident rate prevention.


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