Yushchenko will be ready to do anything elections that nobody thought of weakness and change

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The president Victor Yushchenko intends to participate both in presidential, and in parliamentary elections in case they are appointed on at one time.

"I think, I will take part both there, and there", - he told in interview to the Russian "Kommersant" and "the Businessman - Ukraine" which full text is published on April 15.

Answering a question that changed that forced it to support idea of simultaneous early elections of the president and the Verkhovna Rada whereas earlier he declared impossibility of such simultaneous elections, Yushchenko told:

"Early elections aren't the tragedy. I spoke about it also year, both two years ago, and now because the parliament at us is a constant source of crisis. But holding parliamentary elections isn't for me end in itself. The main thing - to avoid old mistakes in new parliament".

"Now in the Verkhovna Rada there is a fight of two parliamentary megaparties. One party костьми will lay down not to allow financing of elections because it accepts even that system which now is in parliament - absence of the majority. At the same time other political force understands that it has three - four weeks legitimately to receive the power by early elections", - Yushchenko added.

"I gave to parliament incentive for carrying out early elections in Rada - agreed on early presidential election. But I set a condition that we have to hold parliamentary elections by the new principle. For the sake of it it is possible to offer several months of my stay at presidential post because such elections can bring in parliament new quality and stability", - the president emphasized.

On a question when, in his opinion, these elections will take place and whether there will be it on October 25 the current year, Yushchenko declared:

"I ask you to forget about date on October 25 as about legitimate date of the next presidential election. It is far-fetched date which is proved by nothing".

"As for date of carrying out early simultaneous parliamentary and presidential election, I now won't undertake to designate it. Lawyers have to make it, observing a letter and spirit of the Constitution, without breaking terms of elections of parliament and the president", - he added.

Yushchenko also noted that is acquainted with ratings of politicians and political forces: "Yes, I receive them. But if I saw ratings, it doesn't mean that I have to grab at once validol and change the intentions".

"I know that behind me all the same stands some million people which divide my values. And if I make other decision, these people will apprehend it as manifestation of weakness and as change as refusal of completion of the begun business", - he is sure.

According to Yushchenko, "today the nations are necessary statesmen who will tell about what I speak now (about the Holodomor, the accession to NATO and other)". "Probably, people won't understand them today. Probably, even in five years them yet won't understand. But time will come, and to them will return! ", - the president is sure.


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