The People's Deputy of Ukraine, nikolayevets Gennady Zadyrko told about the bill defining further destiny of seaports

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On April 15 the native of Nikolaev, nowadays - the People's Deputy of Ukraine, the member of board of the ministry of transport and communication - Gennady Zadyrko in the Events Future Eyes program on TV channel of "Ayr" commented on the bill of seaports which is now considered in parliament. He considers that adoption of this law is very important for the state and that it is possible to call it anti-recessionary.

- This law accurately divides powers of the state, the private investor and port administration. With its acceptance it becomes clear who is engaged in navigation safety issues that such the port water area that such the port territory that such rent and so forth. After all for years of independence of Ukraine together with ports private terminals developed also. And today we have such terminals which quite powerfully can compete even with the state ports. Owners of these terminals, probably, want not only to own terminals, but also to allocate for themselves the water area, thus, that it, according to the law, has to be state. Probably, they want "to break away" any territory from the state port. And this law does impossible similar manipulations and defends interests of the state.

According to this law privatization of seaports is impossible, and the water area of port is state. Transfer of the water area of port to rent or even in municipal property isn't provided by this law.

Gennady Zadyrko told that according to the Cabinet No. 227 resolution of March 5, 2009 the public administration of sea and river transport of Ukraine which becomes uniform structure which will direct ports is already created. Mikhail Chubay - the deputy minister concerning sea and river transport is already appointed the head of this administration.


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