Alexey Garkusha: "Who doesn't want and isn't able to work, that is covered with the word "crisis"

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Record began with these words a body - a press - conferences of the head of the Nikolaev regional state administration Alexey Garkusha on April 15.

In his opinion, problems in economy certainly are. And at people financial means don't suffice.

"There will be no family in Nikolaev or area which wouldn't endure every day these or those crises. It is necessary to bring together children in school, to win back a wedding, etc. - families feel deficiency of funds for the solution of other current questions. But after all nobody shouts that crisis", - was told by the governor. And in confirmation of the words I announced some results received in the first quarter 2009.

The industrial complex in March in comparison with February increased production by 16%, thus the gain of production occurred in all branches, except for light industry. By 1,9 times volumes of nonmetallic production (it is cement - by 1,6 times, a brick - by 5 times, mixes concrete - grew by 43%), in mechanical engineering - for 18%, power industry - for 14%.

In agro-industrial complex in March in comparison with February cattle and bird realization grew by 10%, and as the governor emphasized, not due to livestock cutting. On the contrary, the livestock of KRS grew by 4%, pigs - for 9%, birds - for 4%.

Production of milk in March grew by 4% (in any degree it can be explained with seasonality of production).

In March by a motor and water transport it was transported freights 9,9% more, goods turnover grew by 17%, пассажироперевозки - for 4%. The volume of construction works grew by 47% in March, thus, that at the end of last year and the beginning of it in construction recession though in comparison with last year this gain yet didn't block lag was observed, the governor noted.

Foreign economic activity is characterized by quite positive dynamics - the increase in export at 12,6% in January - March of this year in comparison with the similar period of last year (export made 175 million dollars) is accurately traced.

Import decreased by 22%, and it, A.Garkusha considers, too the positive indicator - means, the market starts passing to use of own production, own reserves. Respectively, the positive balance grew more than twice that is an essential indicator.

Financial result for January - February as a whole on area positive, last year's indicators exceeding in 2,5 time.

The number of the profitable enterprises increased by 47%, and the number of the unprofitable enterprises decreased by 20% that too speaks about more optimistical data.

The number of people who address in the employment centers is reduced also: if in January in the centers of employment 4,4 thousand people, in March - 3 thousand people addressed. Level of the registered unemployment for March decreased on 25, but made 3,6% that is more than last year's indicators. The salary grew by 3,5% (to 1615 UAH), and the real salary grew by 2%, - the governor told.

Though far not at all enterprises this salary is paid - for today the debt on a salary made 28 million UAH

Inflation in our area same, as well as in Ukraine as a whole, - 4%.

The governor and on a rating of the Nikolaev area among regions of Ukraine walked.

For the first quarter on an index of industrial production we on 7 - m a place, on an index of agricultural production - on the second. On growth rates of export, on rates of decrease in import - on the first, on a covering of export by import - on 7 - m, according to the income of local budgets - on 7 - m, on growth of profit of the enterprises - on 12 - m, on growth rates of losses of the enterprises - on 3 - m, on an average monthly salary - on 6 - m, on growth rates of a real salary - on 4 - m, on the sum of an unpaid salary - on 20 - m

In my opinion, dynamics positive, also it would be desirable that this dynamics proceeded. Though problems suffice. But in my opinion, there are a lot of those who isn't able and doesn't want to work, are covered with the term "crisis", - A.Garkusha told.

As a positive tendency, the governor noted continuation of some investment projects.In Pervomaisk the area works on oil extraction plant construction are continued, there is a building of the second turn of the enterprise for processing grain "the Zernotorgovy company", construction of plant on processing of vegetables in the Zhovtnevy area is planned, work on construction of railroad tracks from Yasnaya Polyana to Ochakovo, as well as a port complex in Ochakovo is continued.


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