The immortal announced "cleanings" in "our Ukraine"

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Our Ukraine "Roman Bessmertny declares to the acting head of executive committee "National Union" intention to carry out a re-registration of party members.

He told about it at meeting of heads of executive committees of NSNU, reports a press - party service.

"Many new movements were created, there were many new leaders are a normal process, but people have to be defined - they there, or here. I always was against "mumpish" figures therefore we need to know, how many party members we have "our Ukraine" today and who is ready to become to work", - told Immortal.

He also reported about creation of the working group on an operating time of changes to the charter and suggested to provide the offers.

Besides, according to Immortal, NSNU has to "change the form of communication with voters".

"If open lists aren't entered, then the majority system completely will return to us. Open lists give the chance to define in the region of those people to whom there is a national trust", - he told.

In turn the deputy head of the Central executive committee Vera Ulyanchenko told that about "our Ukraine" recently "speak much, and it is a good sign".

"We are strong that in party aren't afraid to speak. It means that the party is live and in it there are normal democratic processes", - she noted.

Also during meeting it was noted that the solution VI of congress are legitimate except what concern an exception of council of the party of seven deputies.

Immortal also I reported that the site will resume the work soon.

"The party which was born on the Maidan, can't but have discussions, after all in disputes the truth often was born, and the unifying Razom domain" becomes a platform for party discussion, - noted Immortal.

It is known that the earlier Immortal wrote the declaration of accession to NSNU.


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