The government resolution on extra charge cancellation for import will destroy in Nikolayevshchina the remains of the food industry

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UNP demands from the government to consider protests of local producers of meat and to restore real restriction of import of foodstuff.

"If we want to save at least the remains of the food industryNikolayevshchinaand Ukraine as a whole, the government has to cancel immediately the Resolution on cancellation of 13% of an import extra charge, at least - for food group of goods", - the first deputy chairman Gospotrebstandart of Ukraine, the head of the UNP Nikolaev regional organization Yury SHIRKO declared.

Referring to protests of producers of meat, he noticed that thus destruction of a local producer both in Nikolayevshchina, and across all Ukraine as a whole proceeds. Making comments on a situation, Yury SHIRKO emphasized: "When there was a governmental bill No. 4262 of March 25 in which it was a question of barrier restoration to import, we hoped that in the government understood a mistake and this bill will be проголосован, however things are right where they started. Meanwhile, the statistics a thing relentless also testifies that on advantage to importers, the governmental policy conducts to destruction of the national producer".

"Today in the Verkhovna Rada again there is no consolidated position and politics which complicate adoption of any laws therefore we demand are played that the government immediately cancelled the Resolution and restored 13% the import duty while we didn't lose our food industry", - the expert summarized. About it reports a press - UNP Nikolaev regional organization service.


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