Sea meeting and the Union of generals and admirals want to rescue DOF

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Not the first year the Nikolaev regional public association "Sea Meeting" corresponds also negotiations with the regional state administration concerning DOF - fleet Officers' Clubs.

According to the vice-chairman of Sea meeting Vasily Fomichev, members of their association and other public organizations repeatedly appealed to the head of the regional state administration Alexey Garkushe to restore historical justice - to keep a historical monument of architecture and to use it for designated purpose, namely - as the spiritual center of officers of fleet, the military personnel of garrison and citizens. And for this purpose it is necessary to transfer DOF to Sea meeting which together with a city community will be able to provide its safety and functioning for the intended purpose (according to V. Fomichev, officers are supported also by the mayor Vladimir Chaika). Besides, of Sea meeting are sure that they will be able to find funds for restoration of DOFA and the contents it at an initial stage.

However while no decisive steps from the regional state administration occur. According to V. Fomichev, at a meeting of the governor with officers on February 23 Alexey Garkusha didn't tell this year neither "yes", nor "no" to idea of transfer of DOFA to Sea meeting, but nevertheless gave to members of this public organization hope - suggested that in DOFE the regional municipal enterprise of the same name can be created, the plan of action offered by Sea meeting can be one of which areas of work. In particular, Sea Meeting suggests to place in DOFE sea library, song and dancing ensemble, a sea orchestra, main cabins - the council company "Sea Meeting", vessels - and aviamodel circles, a press - club of Sea meeting, a cinema hall for demonstration of movies and concerts. Here it is possible to hold various events and meetings with veterans of the Great Patriotic War, concerts of local and creative collectives from another town and many other things.

But things are right where they started. Therefore Sea meeting and the Union of generals and admirals once again sent the address to Alexey Garkushe which we publish in full volume to the regional state administration.

"Dear Alexey Nikolaevich!

We, the management of the Nikolaev regional public association "Sea Meeting" and the Nikolaev regional public organization "Union of Generals and Admirals", repeatedly address to you on an urgent problem - rescue of a monument of architecture, our spiritual house - the Fleet Officers' Club (FOC). The building is built in 1824 on means of officers of fleet at the chief commander of the Black Sea fleet admiral Greyge and about a century was called as "Winter Sea meeting". Now it is a symbol of Nikolaev. We, carrying on the put traditions of fleet, we are his successors and we consider that the building of DOFA has to be used directly - as the cultural institution supporting nice sea traditions, as the center spiritually - moral education for inhabitants of a hail of Saint Nikolay, a cradle of fleet of all times.

Therefore to keep a monument of culture, elders of the Sea Meeting organization, generals and admirals of the "Union of Generals and Admirals" organization, the management of other organizations, the Cossack societies, federations, the All-Ukrainian union of officers, Navy council of veterans, was made the decision on creation of the municipal enterprise "Fleet Officers' Club". For decision-making on creation of the municipal enterprise on March 19 this year the letter with the planned direction of kinds of activity and placement of necessary objects in DOFA building was sent you. So far the necessary answer according to the solution of this question didn't follow.

This fact sets thinking, than the regional state administration management is guided, delaying adoption of such important decision for all of us. You perfectly know that DOF is entered in the state register as a monument of architecture of national value at No. 128 of 02.06.1999. Therefore convincingly we ask you to understand this question and to make the necessary decision according to our arrangement on creation of the municipal enterprise "DOF". Thereby you will give very big help to residents and to area on preservation of a historical architectural monument for our descendants and revival of the spiritual house of fleet".


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