Yu. Tymoshenko "put into place" deputies Byutovtsev who opposed Yu. Lutsenko and ex-the chief of the Nikolaev Department of Internal Affairs A. Naumenko?

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"Crime. Is NOT PRESENT"wrote about that several weeks ago People's Deputies Svyatoslav Oliynyk and Yury Tregubov wrote the address to the Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Yury Lutsenko in which express concern about mass rotation of an administrative board of militia of the Dnepropetrovsk area and demand immediate dismissal of the chief of regional militia Anatoly Naumenko.

It was reported and that the court forbade Anatoly Naumenko and Yury Lutsenko personnel rotation of the Dnepropetrovsk militia and expressed desire to hear the report of the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko.

And here the other day, the same deputies from BYuTfractionSvyatoslav Oleynik and Yury Tregubovwithdrew the draft of the Resolution on hearing of the report of the Minister of Internal AffairsYury Lutsenko. About it reports "Today".

The corresponding letter was sent to the speaker of parliamentTo Vladimir Litvinon Wednesday, April 15.

In the comment to the letterSvyatoslav OleynikI declared that actions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs - are destructive and illegal.

"But from the moment of registration of our resolution became obvious that the specified actions of the ministry are coordinated with the government and BYuT fraction management. In this regard responsibility for Lutsenko's illegal actions lies on the government", - the deputy emphasized.

It also noted that in this question possibility of legislative reaction of the People's Deputy - the member of the coalition is settled, as an initiative about the report of the ministerLutsenkowill contradict the obligations expiring from the coalition agreement.

"There is only a possibility of the public statement of the position", - toldOleynik.

"There is no sense to assimilate to Don Quixote and to fight against windmills. At the same time the exit is from any situation, in this sense it isn't terrible to be in minority because the history repeatedly proved:in total those who doesn't pass test by copper pipes and are forgotten in intoxicated spirit of the power, sooner or later suffer a defeat", - the deputy declared.

People's Deputies withdrew the address, allegedly, because "the specified actions of the ministry are coordinated with the government and BYuT fraction management".

In this regardOleynikLutsenko conferred responsibility for "illegal actions" on the government which is headed, as we know, by the head of BYuTYulia Timoshenko. We will remind that Portnov's group includes about 10 deputies. Sympathizing - as much again. As deputies from group reported "Today", the conflict inflamed in - the first, because of opposition between Portnov and the first deputy minister of justice EvgenyKorneychuk- son-in-lawOnopenko, and also from - for Portnov's disagreements and the company with the first vice-the prime ministerTurchinovand deputy head of fractionKozhemyakin. The last supportedLutsenkoin the conflict withPortnovandOleynik, which hint thatKozhemyakin and Turchynovare allegedly involved in corruption.

Split, probably, went the very deep. On Thursday it was reflected in vote in Rada at appointment of members of the highest qualification commission of judges where Portnov's group on a number of candidates voted against the fraction together with regionals. "The conflict occurred, first of all, between Kozhemyakin and groupPortnova, - I explained us a source in fraction. - And at recent meeting of fractionKozhemyakinandOleynikalmost on the mother of each other sent. It will be possible to smooth down split already hardly, but also there will be fraction nobody. It will be simple Portnov's group to vote as considers it necessary instead of as the fraction" will solve. Writes "Today".


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