Businessmen suggested to install heating systems which can be operated by means of a mobilka

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At yesterday's meeting of the Advisory board in the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies technologies which could lower considerably level of consumed energy were offered and reduce costs of energy resources.

Each speaker colourfully described advantages of the equipment of the firm and tried to convince of its low cost, but high efficiency. However members of the Advisory board put such, directly speaking, the "advertising" moments under doubt.

The director of the Nikointerm enterprise Vadim Kolosovsky told about "the highly effective boiler equipment with efficiency not lower than 92%" and "condensation coppers with efficiency not less than 97%".

Heat spent for one square meter, doesn't exceed 2 UAH 5 kopeks. The lowest price fluctuates within one and a half hryvnias. The cost of hot water at action of such installation doesn't exceed five hryvnias.

The gas roof boiler room from "Nikointerm" is already established on the building of a canteen of the Executive Committee of the City Soviet of People's Deputies and warms all premises of the city hall. In total around the city this firm mounted more than 80 boiler rooms. Generally they serve OSMD.

About some projects, allowing to lower costs of power supply, I told ex-the deputy mayor, and now - his non-staff adviser Vitaly Yavorsky. For example, JSC Panorama-Invest suggested to transfer heating in social objects on electric . Electroheating котелен he already put some options on a table to the Nikolaev mayor Vladimir Chaika.

Vitaly Yavorsky - the supporter of transition with gas on electric heating. Tenovy coppers, according to him, are cheaper gas three times. As the option, is considered also possibility of heating of social objects by night electricity.

I mentioned g - N Yavorsky and The Specialist — Technology enterprise coppers. However in their technology it doesn't like that they don't use a thermos which could be applied that hot water could circulate in the afternoon...

The employee of ATP 14854 Ivan Bulgakov told about interesting technology which offers for introduction in Nikolaev JSC Treydavtotrans - "the electrical power unit" (EEU-25).

It is a question of installations in which the asynchronous cogeneration is used that allows them to work in parallel with a network - freely and safely. Action of such installations doesn't demand synchronizers, and their connection can be carried out without any relationship with "regional power".

The principle of action is quite tempting. It appears, after installation of such equipment all moving objects in the room (for example, the elevator) can not only consume, but also develop energy that significantly reduces costs of energy resources.

G - N Bulgakov assured that all costs of installation of this equipment pay off in two years. It allows to save 50 thousand hryvnias a year.

These stations very small, they are intended for service of one object - for example, school or a house. During meeting sounded that the issue of installation of such equipment at school No. 50 was resolved. On ATP 14854 it is already established.

Other interesting project was offered by the business owner Valery Bakhmutsan who at local level represents the Dnepropetrovsk firm "Ukrteploresurs".

These are electronic coppers "Galan" which well proved when using them in submarines.

Their installation in inhabited and service premises doesn't demand coordination with "kotlonadzor" and other similar organizations. The copper allows to cut by half at least the price of energy resources per one square meter.

These coppers give high efficiency (to 98%) which is reached thanks to a new way of transformation of electric energy in thermal "without intermediaries". Reduction of real operating time of the equipment and economy of a consumed elktroenergiya (from 40% to 60%) is reached due to use of electronic digital regulators of temperatures. There is even an additional possibility of remote control of heating system by means of the mobile phone! The system provides the round-the-clock automatic maintenance of stable temperature in the heated room and absence, in this regard, need of manual regulation of power of heating system. At all this can be used established before a pipe and heating radiators.

The cost of such equipment (including its installation and installation) for the one-room apartment - 5-7 thousand hryvnias, two-room - 17 thousand, for three-room - 22 thousand hryvnias.According to the businessman, the two-room apartment will consume about 365 kW a month, and the tariff will turn out less - not 24,6 kopeks, and 18,7.

Galan electric boilers already work, according to Valery Bakhmutsan, in Green Guy, Komsomolsk and Kirovo.

This equipment was developed on the energy saving technology developed on the conversion program of the enterprises voyenno - an industrial complex of Russia...


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