Alexander Pasechny headed federation of soccer of the city of Nikolaev

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On April 15 there took place conference on elections of the management of city federation of soccer.

In presidium - members of executive committee of regional federation, and her leader Nikolay Eropunov - as the leader. Except it S. Zhayvoronok, S. Kuyanov, V. Zhdanyuk, V. Danchuk, E. Barvinsky, A. Ishkhneli, V. Dyrenko, R. Zabransky and others had conversation on problems of city soccer.

Candidates for a post of the chairman was two - Nikolay Zubritsky and Alexander Pasechny. They acquainted gathered with the programs and views. At last, vote time (from 62 delegates at conference were present 54) came. With big advantage the victory on elections was won by Alexander Pasechny. Then the executive committee of city federation was elected, into it entered: L. Rudenko, R. Zabransky, S. Kuyanov, V. Bendarik, V. Balakin, A. Belous, S. Malko, A. Pasechny, I. Ponomarenko. Valery Balakin is elected the first deputy chairman, deputies - Igor Ponomarenko and Alexander Bobrov.

Alexander Pasechny in Nikolaev the person known. It is fond long ago of soccer, played for many collectives. Has even a brief experience of refereeing that helps to understand disputable situations on a football field. Pasechny - the founder of football club "Varvarovka".

In city soccer there is a lot of urgent problems therefore work will suffice new structure of federation with the head. It is good to bring the championship and a city Cup to qualitatively new level, to organize city children's league, competitions of school teams and teams of educational institutions, veteran and female tournaments. It is necessary to create city association mini - soccer (futsal). At last, the federation needs to create own structure, to adjust work on all directions.

And here Nikolay Eropunov's opinion:

- I am glad that, at last, absolutely legitimate conference of city soccer took place, it was well prepared and carried out at high level. The worthy person who proved in football life is elected. I hope that with support of regional federation of soccer and city soccer of Nikolaev will prosper! I congratulate Alexander Pasechny, I wish success to him and his team!
I in the conclusion want to add: conference showed the powerful potential of the football public of the city.At the correct and rational approach these forces will bring invaluable benefit to soccer development. Everyone can help as far as possible, and as a result we will receive both new competitions, and new teams. And, certainly, we will open new football names.


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