Yushchenko asks Tymoshenko to cancel the decisions, the unnecessary IMF - because there will be a drama

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The president Victor Yushchenko asks the prime minister Yulia Timoshenko to reconsider and finish carefully government decisions which were made for the purpose of ensuring receiving the next tranche of a loan of the IMF, and to keep action only what are connected with this question.

About it it is spoken in the letter of the president to the prime minister - to the minister, reports press - service of the head of state.

Yushchenko emphasizes that approvingly apprehended information on acceptance by the government of a number of the decisions necessary for receiving the next tranche of a loan of the International Monetary Fund.

However in accepted by the Cabinet on April 14 a package of resolutions is a number of acts which at all don't concern the questions demanding settlement within cooperation with this organization, and at the same time have a number of essential shortcomings.

So, the president pays attention that, in particular, five government resolutions by which additional paid services which can be provided by the budgetary establishments are entered are accepted and mention such sensitive spheres of public work, as elimination of consequences of emergency situations, fire protection, work of law enforcement agencies, and also socially - cultural service of the population.

Also "attempt via the mechanism of charitable contributions has no relation to IMF recommendations to provide salary payment to employees of the budgetary institutions, educational institutions, health care, culture, science, sports and physical training", it is noted in the letter.

Yushchenko is convinced that acceptance by Cabinet of Ministers "decisions which directly don't concern International Monetary Fund offers, and only is introduced by unclear schemes of financial security of sector of public administration, will have drama consequences as for public, and economic life of the country".

Also ambiguous effect can have the decision on releases of treasury obligations in the edition accepted by the government, the president notes.

"On the one hand, it is directed on reduction of unbalance of the budget by attraction of financial resources of the population, with another - through anonymity of the mechanism of sale of treasury obligations can work as the tool of a money-laundering and legalization of the means received by a criminal way", - is spoken in his letter to Tymoshenko.


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