Kiyevrada bethought: buildings of SBU and the State Office of Public Prosecutor don't become a subject of pledge

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Scandal with transfer to pledge by authorities of the capital of office buildings of the ministries and departments received continuation.

Kiyevrada unilaterally intends to change conditions of the loans attracted for repayment of debt of the Kiyevenergo company before "Naftogaz of Ukraine", reports "BUSINESS". In total for these needs deputies planned to borrow 1,2 billion гривенm. The most part of the sum is already found: I gave out 750 million the Alpha - Bank, 150 - Hreshchatik bank. 300 million more Kiyevrad hopes to borrow at Forum bank.

As pledge the capital power offered financial establishments of the bill and municipal property - buildings of the ministries and departments. Banks suited such conditions.

However now Kiyevrada crawfished. As "BUSINESS" knew, at the tomorrow's meeting deputies intend to make the decision according to which only bills as a deposit will be transferred. "Actually, Kiyevrada refuses to expose on the security real estate", - the head of committee of Kiyevrada concerning the budget and socially - economic development Natalia Novak explained.

As the member of council of National Bank Vasily Gorbal explained to "BUSINESS", replacing real estate with bills, the Kiev power brings the actions into accord with the order of Cabinet of Ministers No. 308 of river. This document the government granted permission for attraction of the credit for repayment of debts of "Kiyevenergo", however is exclusive on the security of bills with a maturity date to 2 years. This detail capital deputies why - that didn't pay attention at once.

Now change of terms of credit unilaterally can provoke the conflict between Kiyevrada and creditors. Especially as them still officially didn't inform on a similar initiative. Having heard about municipality plans from the correspondent of "BUSINESS", Hreshchatik bank preboard Dmitry Gridzhuk was indignant. According to him, the contract for transfer to pledge of real estate is already signed and to change isn't subject. Moreover, procedure of an assessment of municipal property is already started. "The decision on our credit was made earlier. Till April 30 we finish to make the list of property which is pledged", - Gridzhuk reported. The banker explains that according to the credit agreement, the subsequent dooformleniye of pledge is provided. Gridzhuk is sure:it is impossible to change this decision already.

In Alf - Bank refused to make comments on Kiyevrada's intentions, having referred to absence of official information. "We gave out the credit on other conditions", - the chief noted public relations - services of bank of Yuli Evtushenko.

Forum bank preboards Yaroslav Kolesnik specified that the decision on credit allocation to municipality for the present isn't made. According to him, the final answer will arrive from Frankfurt (location of the central office of the German Commerzbank which possesses the Forum bank controlling stake) only this week. Thus Kolesnik recognized that the offer to accept as proof of only the bill without real estate isn't new to it. "All understand that it for buildings. Really - their alienation can't come", - the banker is sure.

In turn, experts call legitimacy of actions of the Kiev power into question. "This formal decision (to exclude real estate from among pledge), which the Kiev authorities want to carry out backdating", - the director of Institute of the city Alexander Sergiyenko stated.

In the preliminary list of objects which the Kiev authorities suggested to pledge to banks, at first the main theaters of the capital got: The opera and the ballet of T. G. Shevchenko, drama of I. Franko, and also the National house of organ and chamber music. But then theaters were excluded from the list, and instead of them as pledge premises of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Finance, the State Office of Public Prosecutor and SBU are offered banks.


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