Obscene "Little Red Riding Hood" lost opposition with the Nikolaev regional council

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Today deputies of the Nikolaev regional council unanimously made the decision on the Address to Cabinet of Ministers and the Ministry of Education of Ukraine concerning removal from the school program, and also from the textbook "Ukrainian Literature" for the 8th class of the fairy taleEvgenia Dudarya "Little Red Riding Hood".

As deputies decided, this work contradicts the moral principles of society, and considering importance of formation at younger generation of high moral values, enrichments on this basis of intellectual, creative, cultural potential, increase of educational level of citizens, the regional council considers that Evgeny Dudarya's fairy tale - anything other, as promotion of low morals, conceit and roughness.

And who doesn't remember, we provide the small quote from the fairy tale which filtered in any unclear and ridiculous way into the school textbook.

"Having departed on sufficient distance that it it wasn't noticeable, the Little Red Riding Hood drank wine which mother passed to the grandmother, smoked hided in a secret pocket of jeans a cigarette and started singing the variety song. When bushes left a gray wolf, the girl breathed at him the reek of alcohol, grabbed by ears, saddled and forced a poor animal to roll all night long her on a back. Having driven up on a wolf to the grandmother's house, the Little Red Riding Hood came and demanded "Give grandmas". The grandmother shivering hands gave to the beloved granddaughter the pension. The received sum didn't satisfy the girl, and she threatened the grandmother to eat it".


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