In total - one mistake the President recognized

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On my memory the longest torture by the answer lasted twenty minutes … "You heard, what I so told? " - the President asked again. "Certainly", - the journalist answered. "It I was unsuccessful … - the President hesitated, - a joke".

Yesterday, on April 22, with melancholy and as obliges I sat down to watch quarterly a press - conference of the President. It is curious that each time when it begins, I mentally try to estimate, on how many questions in two hours the guarantor will manage to answer, considering his moralising style and love to backgrounds. On my memory the longest torture by the answer lasted twenty minutes. The shortest answer, on an everyday question - one and a half minutes. But on the average the answer to a question occupies from the head of the power ten - twelve minutes. I think that after the termination of a presidential cadence most of all it won't have a press - conferences and such meetings where all listened carefully it and nobody dared to interrupt and remind of regulations. I mentally gloated, having thought as after the termination of term it will be offensive for Victor Andreevich to understand that he talks is actually uninteresting. But all the same, having gritted teeth and having suppressed irritation, I stared in the TV though in seven evenings with great pleasure would include the French animated cartoon about Sean's lamb.

But in process of answers of the President my irritation as - that disappeared. Certainly, I don't trust in Victor Andreevich's second time. But I thought that now its intellectual service staff can congratulate itself. It was interesting to listen to simply most part of time of the President, and at least a half of questions didn't look house preparations.

We will miss arguments in favor of a two-chamber parliament and need of early parliamentary elections. Give on - human we will understand it. It is known, what even one of the American presidents in the inauguration day of the relief in any way didn't want to get out of a pajamas and to depart from the White house. And ours of all - navsy developed Kuchma's idea about the second chamber …

And as for all the rest... For example, earth market.It is known that the President wants to start quicker process of sale of land, it is its old and invariable position. But on this a press - conferences it for the first time accurately told: within a month it is possible to adopt previously the law on the land registry, on the rules regulating sale, and it is possible to start process, without being afraid that it becomes wild and spontaneous. Judging, on everything, he accurately knew about what I spoke, and his opinion on three laws coincides with opinion of agrarian experts who worked both for the previous President and for the previous prime ministers.

Or here, for example, a question of one TV channel "about Moldavians". We will remind that Victor Andreevich told recently the careless worker: "You - as Moldavians".

- You heard, what I so told? - the President asked again.

- Certainly, we did this reporting, - the journalist answered.

- It I was unsuccessful … - the President hesitated, - a joke.

The answer was pleasant to a hall. I hope that the answer was apprehended also by tens of thousands of Ukrainian Moldavians... But I don't doubt that they liked a question of the relations with Romania and development of the canal Danube - the Black Sea. For the first time Yushchenko promised that development of the channel will proceed that it is the necessary transport artery that navigation reanimation on Danube - one of the major national priorities, despite the thin relations with Romania. All correctly told, but only it is a pity the lost four years.

Certainly, it wasn't pleasant to me that the President didn't try to share responsibility for misses. Yushchenko's attempts to show the white suit - are inappropriate if sight of guests allows to consider on it spots. Victor Andreevich on this, as well as at the previous conferences, resolutely didn't admit even a share the guilt for a situation in the country. Would confess though in something, well at least that made to Tymoshenko the prime minister twice...

The answer about destiny of Our Ukraine party too seemed to me curious. On the one hand, the President let know that the party in any way didn't change to any of program theses, remained faithful to the declared principles. With another - I told that it as though anything shouldn't party and it isn't guilty in anything to it. Such is logic and Vyacheslav Kirilenko: the party was created under the President what questions can be? Well and the passage was absolutely crafty - that the party grows and the new organizations are registered. What there grows? People in regions till some months didn't get paid.Though to them, probably, them promise …

There was one more in what I couldn't disagree with the President.

- I think that none of you would disagree to live in 2004, - he told, meaning a condition of a freedom of speech. Yes … Elena Franchuk, Kuchma's daughter, didn't behave as Andrey Yushchenko. But if she also behaved so, we never could write about it, and, most likely, couldn't publish it anywhere. So, something all - changed.

Masha Mishchenko


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