Nikolaev "Torpedo" starts in the championship of Ukraine

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On April 29 the championship of Ukraine among amator in which the champion of the Nikolaev Torpedo area (Nikolaev) participates again begins.

The head coach of team Vladimir Kozenko tells about preparation for competitions:

- Participants will play in three groups on five - six teams in everyone. In our group names of four participants - "The Bastion-2" (Ilyichevsk), "Olimpik" (Kirovograd), "World" (Gornostayevk) and "Torpedo" are known. Also participation of teams of Alexandria and Cherkass is planned. On April 29 in the first round we accept team of Kirovograd in Ochakovo. To us our rivals from Ilyichevsk and Gornostayevki are well-known. It was necessary to meet them repeatedly, here and recently played with these rivals on tournament in Kakhovka. We will play with other teams for the first time, we will prepare and collect about them information. The choice of the Ochakov arena is caused by that there are all conditions for high-quality preparation and carrying out matches. As before, we count on support of our fans for whom factory buses for visit of matches in Ochakovo will be allocated.

- How many teams leave the group, what purposes at the Torpedo team?

- Directly the final is reached by two teams, and also one of taken the third place - on the best indicators. One more permit in the final will be played by two teams which have taken the third places in groups. It is planned to carry out the final, as well as a year ago, in September. The purposes at us - stage-by-stage while it is necessary to leave group. Regional tournaments are for us priority, the task to keep a rank of the champion and successfully to act in an area Cup is set. It isn't necessary to consider that we have no strong contenders. From start "Kazanka" proves, "Voronovka" is traditionally strong, the interesting team of IFC "Nikolaev-2", can shoot and someone else.

- Vladimir Ilyich, what changes happened in the Torpedo team, whether are satisfied with preparation for a season?

- A team of masters "Nikolaev" was passed by Belous and Cholariya, in other teams of area - Hripushin, Sharabura, Hodorovsky. On viewing we had a number of players. But as a result our pupils returned to team halfbacks Ryabchenko and the Rustle playing for team of Armyansk.Invited the pupil of bashtansky soccer basic halfback Chernopisky (I supported team of masters of Sevastopol) and the midfielder Ryabtsev playing in Vinnytsia. Selection conducted pointwise, strengthened the half-backs line. It was succeeded to keep frame of team. Beginners well joined to collective, strengthened a team game. "Torpedo" was carried out by two training collecting - in Nikopol and in Kakhovka. Here we participated in tournament under the auspices of FFU of memory of Beznosenko, took in it the second place. Also we participated in the winter championship of area, won first place. We consider that for 90 percent the plan of preparation for a season is implemented.

- What situation with team in the conditions of present crisis, whether you find understanding with the management?

- In this plan of problems isn't present, the director general "Dawns" - "Mashproyekt" Andrey Ivanovich Homenko in every possible way cares of team and helps with the solution of the current questions. Daily live cares of collective the president of FC "Torpedo" Evgeny Alekseevich Barvinsky and vice-the president Aleksandra Vasilyevna Mavrokordato. We hope that we will manage to justify hopes and trust of our fans!

Demand of "Torpedo"-2009
Goalkeepers: Igor Shilov, Victor Kolomiychenko. Defenders: Sergey Paskhalov, Artem Zhorov, Kirill Shimanets, Dmitry Dobrovolsky. Halfbacks: Evgeny Kulbachuk, Oleg Zadorozhnyuk, Vasily Chernopisky, Alexey Alexandrov, Sergey Grankovsky, Dmitry Borovsky, Ivan Shelest, Dmitry Solomonov, Denis Ryabtsev, Evgeny Ryabchenko, Maxim Olefir. Forwards: Ovik Galstyan, Sergey Shcherbina, Evgeny Guk, Vitaly Martynov.
The head coach - Vladimir Kozenko, the senior trainer - Vitaly Kotov, the trainer - Igor Artemenko, the administrator - Vladimir Skripka.


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