In the USA consider that Yushchenko is allocated with "leadership skills"

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To Kiev with official visit there arrived the First Deputy US Secretary of State James Steinberg.

Mister Steinberg answered UNIAN questions:

Mr. Steinberg, what main objective of your visit to Ukraine?

In the nineties I already happened in Ukraine when worked in Bill Clinton's administration. It is pleasant to me to be again in Kiev. This arrival for me is very important, I have opportunity again to begin work with Ukraine.

- once again to confirm the arrival purpose, what value we give to the relations of the USA with Ukraine, to emphasize intentions of the President Barack Obama to support and develop that level of cooperation which we have.

What your expectations from meetings with our top management? About what you with them are going to speak?

First of all I would like to hear firsthand from your leaders about those calls, problems which as they consider, are actual today and how, in their opinion, could work Ukraine and the USA together to give the answer to these calls not only in Ukraine, but also in the region and the whole world.

We know that Ukraine, as well as the whole world, has to cope with the serious problems caused by a world economic crisis. And it is very important to adjust for all of us the general work effectively to cope with problems.

I will try to give firm intention of the USA to continue to keep democracy development in Ukraine, to continue to maintain safety of Ukraine in this important region of the world.

Do you have any specific proposals on cooperation?

First of all I would like together with the colleague, the adviser for the international economy in the White House David Lipton who too arrived to Ukraine, specifically to talk about the economic problems which now are on the agenda, in particular about cooperation of Ukraine with the IMF. And also in respect of an economic reform, in particular about the agreement with EU about transit of energy resources.

I also would like to talk to your leaders how Ukraine works over implementation of the annual national program for NATO. I intend to learn how it is possible to help to maintain the corresponding rate of this program.

Besides, I want to express gratitude to Ukraine for a contribution to peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, Africa. Also to talk how further to cooperate in this direction.

Also I want to discuss with the Ukrainian management as we - the USA - are going to move in the direction of improvement of the relations with Russia and thus to give the same importance to the relations with Ukraine. All consider that the kind relations between the USA and Russia will be a positive factor for Ukraine and for other countries of the region.

How America treats our internal political fight?

(Laughs. ) As you know, we always try not to interfere delicately with internal affairs of the sovereign states - our friends around the world.

Opinion on that you ask, has to express the people of Ukraine, first of all... But at the time of crisis It is necessary to tell that it is very important to unite forces, to work together to find the relevant solutions for important questions.

With such address our President Obama addresses to the American people, to the Congress that - in our case - to combine efforts of two main parties for the solution of these problems.

On - visible, the same wishes will be relevant and to the Ukrainian authorities.

Whether it is heavy to build the USA the relations with Ukraine if it isn't clear who here that wants? The president - one, the prime minister - the minister - the second, the Verkhovna Rada - the third... Striking example - when BP didn't vote for laws which were necessary for receiving the second tranche of the credit of the IMF...

I think that during crisis it is really important to find ways for mutual cooperation because only in such a way it is possible to make effective decisions.

It is possible therefore that is considered usual political disagreement, during crisis it is necessary to put aside. It is necessary to make possible cooperation of Ukraine and with the certain countries - such as the USA, - and with the international institutes - such as the IMF.

Has to notice that we noted importance and value of those moments when it was possible to reach a consent between the President Yushchenko and the prime minister - the minister Tymoshenko. In particular in decision-making on the second tranche of the credit of the IMF, and also - about transit of energy resources with EU.

We would like and to see further such cooperation that important decisions were made, and Ukraine went forward.

Whether America was disappointed in our President?

We perfectly treat your President. We consider that it made for democracy promotion in Ukraine very much. It for years showed political courage therefore we very much appreciate its leadership skills, its ability to look forward, at prospect. We consider that it made for development of our bilateral relations much.

Recently the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the Congress declared that the United States on - new will build the relations with the big countries, in particular with Russia. In what there will be a novelty? How Barack Obama is going to improve the relations with Russia after George Bush?

I think that the President Obama and Clinton's Secretary of State intend to offer a new framework of cooperation with Russia. But, forming this framework, we will remember that there are those spheres in which we have no consent. However there is a wide range of interests where we can cooperate. Our cooperation will be useful not only for the USA and Russia, but also for other countries. We want that our cooperation gave the answer to such calls as terrorism, distribution of weapons of mass destruction, the regional conflicts.

All of us from it only will win. However I want to emphasize that there will be thus disagreement spheres.

In what all of you - will disagree with Russia?

One of these spheres - it is unconditional, NATO and NATO role. We very accurately let know that doors of this organization have to remain are open for those countries which will answer criteria, NATO standards.

We continue to consider that recognition by Russia allegedly independence of parts of Georgia was a mistake and doesn't promote the world and stability in the region.

We also continue to have different views that happens to democracy in the Russia. And we will adhere to this point of view!

At the same time we see possibility of the agreement with Russia about restriction of strategic arms which will make the world safer. We together have to cooperate in ensuring safety of nuclear materials that they didn't fall into hands of dangerous persons.

We see cooperation potential in branch of power, climate change. Therefore, there are branches where we can cooperate.

You used the concept "democracy" concerning Russia. Pertinently?

(Laughs. ) If to compare to the past, now Russia more democratic country, than it was at the time of the Soviet Union.

But Russia, certainly, is over what to work to deepen and strengthen the democracy, to make more free the press, to allow the citizens to express the point of view at their disagreement with official policy. That is Russia is over what to work to make it better for the citizens.

Whether Ukraine a certain victim in building relations of America with Russia will fall? Speak, for example, that Russia agreed to cooperate with the USA across Afghanistan that the USA will stop helping the entry of Ukraine into NATO...

We don't conclude agreements at the expense of our friends.

I think, Russians understand that it would be absolutely unproductive even to do similar offers because they know that we don't trade in such things. They know that it not our approach.

As far as I know, such offers from their party weren't and I don't think that will be.

As for NATO... Here America always was our greatest friend. Whether there will be it it and further and whether will promote advance of Ukraine in NATO how it was, in particular, at George Bush?

As you saw, and at a meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the countries of NATO where there was an US Secretary of State Clinton, and at a meeting of the President Obama at the summit of the countries of NATO, the USA showed that remain the vigorous supporter of work of the commission Ukraine - NATO, support implementation of the annual national program of cooperation by Ukraine with NATO, support movement of Ukraine in the direction of membership in Alliance.

If Ukraine makes for itself such decision, we will be completely on the party of this decision.

Russia transferred the meeting of Council appointed to May 7 Russia - NATO. This decision of Russia is connected with NATO doctrines in Georgia which have to pass from May 6 to June 1. At the same time the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation Sergey Lavrov who doesn't do anything without the knowledge of the both presidents, declares that Russia - for active cooperation with NATO.May you explain to the logician of Russia? And what is understood as active cooperation?

I think, Russians should explain to the logician of the position.

From our point of view, the doctrine in Georgia is very productive activity in which participate not only NATO member states, but also the countries out of Alliance. We consider that there is a big advantage in working off of peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. We very accurately told about it to mister Lavrov.

We for that Russia had closer relations with NATO, but eventually Russians have to make for ourselves decisions.

In public opinion of Russians the image of the external enemy is actively formed in recent years. By the way, here Ukraine and the USA, together with Georgia and Estonia have something the general: all of us, according to sociological polls in the Russia, are considered as her "enemies". The anti-American moods in the Russian Federation, as well as xenophobic as a whole, are rather widespread... What can America oppose to the Russian anti-Americanism?

I think, how the President Obama, vice-the president Biden, the Secretary of State Clinton outline new approaches of the United States, this offer of an open hand will be apprehended. It is obvious that we want good relations with Russia, with the Russian people.

We understand, Russians too passed a difficult period which was and at other regions in this part of the world. But now there is an opportunity to turn the page. I think, even ordinary Russians will feel the new relation of the USA to Russia, respectively, will respond the best relation to America.

By the way, Obama's such approach and to the countries worldwide causes an enthusiasm wave concerning policy of the United States. We hope, moods of people in the world will change on our advantage.

Whether the President Obama to the previous President Bush addresses for councils?

You know, I about it don't know. I know that in the period of transfer of power they had some substantial meetings. In particular, they several times met in a format in private. I know that the President Obama very much appreciated dialogues with George Bush.

Whether the present administration of the USA considers new threats which are born by present crisis in the geopolitical plan, - as it was as a result of crisis in 20-30 years when Hitler came to the power and many countries changed the borders, and some in general stopped the existence?

I think, we learned history lessons, and we know from a bitter experience of the thirtieth years of the last century that now the governments worldwide need to combine efforts together to give the answer to today's problems.

Then, in the thirties, each country considered that protected own interests, without looking further the borders, without seeing neighbors. Later it led to that you told.

I think, that G20 meeting in London showed, just and was readiness of leaders of the leading countries to take courageous steps to avoid those mistakes which made in the past.


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