The IFC "Nikolaev" suffers a defeat in Ilyichevsk

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"Bastion" - IFC "Nikolaev" - 2:0

Before game

In September, 2007 "Bastion" won gold medals of the amatorsky championship of Ukraine and received the professional status. In group "A" of the second league the debutant finished the first part of tournament in the sixth place. After renewal of competitions ilyichevsky football players lost three duels with joint account 1:8, and also received three points from the FC "Korosten" which has removed from the championship. Despite so unsuccessful performance, the team from Odessa region while reserves the sixth line of standings.
The match of the first circle came to the end with the score 2:1 in advantage "Bastion". And "Nikolaev" Tararov hammered a victorious ball into IFC gate on 90-й to minute of a meeting.

IFC "Nikolaev" took care of the fans therefore to Ilyichevsk with support of club there arrived four tens fans. Running forward it should be noted that unlike the Nikolaev football players, they deserved an assessment "perfectly".


3PAVLOV2Hlaponin (75')
7Ore19Voytsekhovsky (63')
23Kovalenko of Page17Shevchenko (55')
8Kovalenko D.(84')4Lilyk (67')
21Gaydarzhi (87')6Babor
14Tararov (64')18Mozhaev
6Volynsk (82')14Proshenko (46')
10Belmokhtar (76')21Kandaurov (68')
1 17 16 19 20 22 9Chechelnitsky Barba (64') Abramchenkov (84') Bredis (76') Panchenko (87') Danilchenko (82') Ilchenko12 3 9 16 10 8 7Bobko Goncharenko (63') Rotan (55') Komyagin (67') Krivoruchko (75') Shimko (46') Fisherman (68')
The head coach - Alexander KRASNYANSKYThe senior trainer -
Mikhail KALITA

Attendance:On April 26, Ilyichevsk, Shkolny stadium, +19о, 400 viewers.
Arbitrators:C. Attack, I. Bondar (both is Kiev), A. Drachev (The Kiev Region), A. Kovalenko (Odessa)
Delegate of FFU:V. Boris (Sevastopol).
Preventions:Tops (77'), Gaydarzhi (80'), Danilchenko (90+2').
Goal:1:0 - Belmokhtar (7'), 2:0 - Nechiporuk (62', foams. ).

The goal didn't keep itself waiting long. On 7-й to minute owners threw a miss, Nechiporuk at the left rushed into a penalty area, shot and Belmokhtar at a short distance transported a ball to the purpose. 0:1.

Guests at once started recouping, but Babor was overzealous and ran in an offside. In a minute Proshenko shot at the goal, but didn't get even to a goal mouth.

The initiative thoroughly passed to IFC "Nikolaev". Twice from penalties Stoyan tried to hit the target - in both cases his blows accuracy didn't differ. On 37-й to minute Kandaurov entered fight against Chopko, the goalkeeper let out a ball, but being not far Proshenko didn't go to a dobivaniye.

"Bastion" the most active had Nechiporuk. On a time outcome it struck distant blow in a frame - the goalkeeper Smishko caught a ball. And Denis Kovalenko's blow from a penalty had in "wall".

On the first minutes of the second time nikolayevets acquired the right for a penalty. Hlaponin punched in "wall" contour - the goalkeeper Chopko took away a ball.Then two blows were struck in a row by owners of a platform - in both cases the ball flew by over a crossbeam. From a distant distance also Dovzhik wide of the mark punched.

On 62-й to minute "Bastion" earned a penalty: on a lawn there was Tararov and the arbitrator pointed to an eleven-meter mark. Nechiporuk's blow from "point" of chances of Smishko didn't leave. 0:2.

Players of IFC "Nikolaev" at once played more actively, spent in the attack much time, however any advantage from this couldn't draw. Only on 89-й to minute the ball after Komyagin's blow could appear in "Bastion" gate, but to the aid of it the crossbeam came.
Owners also had only one obvious scoring chance when Denis Kovalenka punched above gate.

Player of a match

According to the version "Nikolaev news" Alexey Rotan became the best player of a match in IFC "Nikolaev". Having come for replacement, he tried to give organization to team attacks, to bring sharpness in its actions.

Review of round

26-й round on April 26 (Sunday)
Dnepr - FC of Korosten -+:-
CSKA - Arsenal -0:2
T field. - Unity -1:0
Dynamo - Khmelnytsky - Obolon-2 -+:-
Veres - Nafky -0:4
Carpathians-2 - Рось -0:2
Reigning-2 - Bukovina -- : +

The match between CSKA and "Arsenal" became central. Both clubs after renewal of the championship were played without defeats, and by soldiers in general - without-point losses. Guests took a revenge for loss in the first circle and bypassed the rival in standings.

Ternopol "Field" thanks to exact blow of the Crow with a penalty won the eighth victory in a row. The victorious Nafkoma series after success in Exactly totals three matches.

"Veres" remains the only team which still never struck in the spring gate of the opponent.

9IFC NIKOLAEV2588921:2232
15FC KOROSTEN25821524:3623
16OBOLON - 225541620:3119

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