At Yushchenko will struggle with Piskun, and Medvedko is torn in resignation?

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In the secretariat of the president don't intend to leave without answer the decision of District administrative court of Kiev on recognition illegal the decree of the president about dismissal Svyatoslav Piskun from a position of the general prosecutor of May 24, 2007.

"This next political decision district админсуда. Certainly, we will appeal against it", - the head of service on representation in vessels of interests of the president Ruslan Kirilyuk declared to the newspaper "The businessman - Ukraine".

Meanwhile, itself Piskun agrees that the judgment only recognizes the decree of the president about his dismissal illegal, but doesn't mean its momentary return to a post of the public prosecutor which is held now by Alexander Medvedko. However Piskun doesn't exclude that will return to the State Office of Public Prosecutor when Medvedko's powers will end.

"If somebody wants to dismiss from Medvedko's position, he has to understand that, having dismissed him, it will open the road to prosecutor's office to me", - Piskun emphasized.

On a newspaper question, whether he intends to return to GPU management in 2010, after the termination of a five-year term of office of Medvedko, Piskun noted: "Perhaps, even earlier - suddenly will think up for me still any work".

At the same time, the question of reinstatement of the public prosecutor for Piskun, according to him, is now irrelevant. "Probably, something will change after elections", - it allowed.

Piskun also noted that "submitted the claim with one purpose - to cancel the illegal decree" about the dismissal, and the second part about restoration at work was written by his lawyer: "But I about it didn't ask it, I at all didn't know that she declared such petition".

According to the head of parliamentary committee of questions of legal policy Sergey Mishchenko (BYUT), a judgment about illegality of dismissal of Piskun it can be used at change of a political situation

"Such decision can always lie in a box, from where it can be pulled out at some point, at change of a political situation. For example, when the position of the general prosecutor becomes a change and will be used as a quota.At this moment to change a situation, it will be possible to lift this decision and to use it as a trump ace", - he declared to the edition.

Meanwhile, according to the newspaper, for the last months in profile parliamentary committees several times there was information that the acting public prosecutor Medvedko wrote the official report about resignation.

"Twice we had information that Medvedko wants to leave. In turn, Piskun very much wants to return to the State Office of Public Prosecutor and puts for this purpose the mass of efforts. It isn't excluded that now it will be possible to leave on any contractual option", - one of deputies told.

It is known that Yushchenko was dismissed on May 24, 2007 by Piskuna from a position of the public prosecutor on the basis of combination of this position by Piskun with a deputatstvo. Piskun claimed that the application for addition of deputy powers submitted in due time, but it wasn't considered as powers of the Verkhovna Rada of the V convocation were ahead of schedule stopped. On April 24, 2009 court I recognized Yushchenko's mentioned decree illegal.


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