In Moscow Tymoshenko will refuse gas

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Ukraine intends to raise a question of reduction of purchases of natural gas at Russia during intergovernmental negotiations in Moscow on April 29, the prime minister - the minister of Ukraine Yulia Timoshenko declares.

"We will discuss this question. In particular, we will discuss a question of reduction by Ukraine of consumption of natural gas", - the prime minister declared to journalists in Kagarlyke to Kiev region on Monday.

As already earlier it was reported, "Gazprom" directed "Naftogaz of Ukraine" the formal notice on a shortage of natural gas in the I quarter of 2,2 billion cubic meters and possible penalties on the sum of $1,188 billion

Earlier Ukrainian party officially declared interest in reduction of the contracted volumes of import in 2009 from 40 billion cubic meter to 33 billion cubic meters. Thus signed contract provides delivery in the first quarter of 5 billion cubic meters, in the second - the 10, third - the 12 and fourth - 12,5 billion cubic meters

The contract for delivery contains norm according to which in case of failure to take the buyer of monthly standard item of the gas exceeding 6% of monthly standard item, the buyer pays to the seller a penalty of 150% of cost of all not chosen volume of natural gas if the fact of failure to take had places within October - March, and 300% - in other time.

The acting head of board of "Naftogaz of Ukraine" Igor Didenko explained that in January - March "Gazprom" originally made out bills for large volumes of gas, but working consultations led to that accounts were corrected. "In such a way that concerns penalties, we hope, and it isn't unreasonable that sanctions to us won't be applied", - he told on April 7.

The vice-chairman of board of "Gazprom" Valery Golubev declared on April 9 that it is difficult to "Gazprom" to apply the principle of take or pay ("take or pay") in a situation with supply of gas to Ukraine. According to him, decision on exposure of penalties for failure to take gas "is accepted every month depending on specific conditions".

He noted that Ukraine isn't able to pay now according to the current obligations, not that on penalties. Century.Golubev added that exposure of penalties will also negatively affect accounting reports of "Gazprom" and features of currency control of its operations.

Thus, by data "Naftogaz", transit of natural gas through the territory of Ukraine to the countries of Europe in January - March, 2009 made only 57% from contractual on transit: 16,4 billion cubic meter instead of 28,4 billion cubic meter. At the same time the contract on transit doesn't give the chance to "Naftogaz of Ukraine" to expose penalties.

In the first quarter the Russian gas was delivered to Ukraine for a ceiling price in $360 for 1 thousand cubic meter. During the next periods the price will fall, following dynamics of prices of oil products. On "Gazprom" predesigns, in the second quarter the price will make $280 for 1 thousand cubic meter. The government of Ukraine predicts that the average annual price in 2009 will be much lower - $228,8 for 1 thousand CBM


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