At Yushchenko are revolted that Tymoshenko hides crisis scales even from it

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In the secretariat of the president consider inadmissible practice of concealment by the government of a real situation in the state.

It was declared at a briefing on Monday by the first deputy head of the secretariat of president Alexander Shlapak, reports a press - service of the president.

"In conditions when big openness and transparency of our actions when the question of continuous communication has to be in the forefront is extremely necessary, on belief of the president, is absolutely inadmissible to hide a real situation in the state. Actually, it is impossible to hide it: the secret on development of an economic situation is an open secret", - he told.

Thus Shlapak noted that according to the government decision, in 2009 "the annual plan of statistical supervision in the direction of reduction of frequency of preparation and the publication of statistical information" is significantly changed.

"It is a question first of all of gross domestic product indicators, the real income of the population, performance of the state budget, a balance on the uniform treasury account, thus the government stopped daily informing even heads of state on two last indicators", - he told.

Besides, Shlapak declared that the situation in national Ukrainian economy will continue to worsen if the government doesn't begin the coordinated economic changes.

"We need to do changes, but, to the greatest regret, we don't do these changes neither in respect of the budget, nor concerning the Pension fund or a value added tax, or power consumption. If not to change it, we walk quickly enough to increase of problems", - he told.

Illustrating deterioration of an economic situation, Shlapak called such indicators, as falling of industrial production, the consumer price index growth, accumulation of an uncompensated value added tax and debt on salary payment.

Shlapak emphasized that the budget calculated on unrealistic indicators has to be reconsidered to avoid a further aggravation of an economic situation and blow to the poorest segments of the population, such as pensioners.

"Revision of a macroeconomic design isn't today end in itself.We need to understand, on what earth we stand", - he told.

According to Shlapak, non-performance of the general fund of the state budget on results of the first quarter makes 937 million hryvnias.

"In comparison with previous year the income of the general fund of the state budget decreased by 2 billion 216 million", - he told.

The same problems, according to him, arose and in local budgets therefore the government was compelled to use actively sources for budget deficit repayment (4,5 billion or a half of the annual plan is already financed for the first quarter).

Nedofinansovano honor on 1 billion expenses of the general fund of the budget, from them under protected articles - 387 million. Financing of the Pension fund generally comes at the expense of grants from the uniform treasury account.

Shlapak gave a position of Victor Yushchenko who calls for the discussion beginning concerning budget optimization at least in the government.

"The president insists also on that financial plans of the Pension fund and NAK Naftogaz Ukrainy were reconsidered and brought into accord with a real economic situation, and also that the government together with the Public tax administration dealt with a problem of compensation of the VAT", - he told.


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