Europeans have to help Ukraine - the head of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank

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The head of the European bank of reconstruction and development Thomas Mirov emphasizes that Ukraine suffers from crisis most in the region, and Europeans have to help it.

He declared it in interview to television "German wave".

The worlds I noted that crisis strongly influenced European Reconstruction and Development Bank activity, changed its role.

"Till 2007-2008 development was characterized by that private banks and investors discovered for themselves Eastern and the Central Europe, - therefore from traditional kinds of activity of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank demand fell to a lot of things. Today all differently. After all everyone knows that crisis struck very strong blow to Eastern Europe. Investors and banks are now very careful, so far as concerns work in this region", - he told.

Activity of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank extends as a whole on 30 countries: from Mongolia to Baltic, inclusive with Turkey.

But from all wards of the countries the situation in Ukraine is worst now, emphasizes the Worlds: great demand that brought in to Ukraine incomes, - first of all on iron-wares and became, - today isn't present; at the same time the country should pay higher prices for oil and gas.

"But to these economic problems it is added also political instability. Heads of the state behave as competitors, especially in view of the following presidential election", - the head of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank added.

"And besides Ukraine isn't included into EU and consequently - can't use many opportunities to get support. But it isn't necessary to forget that it is a question of the country with 46 - the million population", - speaks the Worlds.

Europeans can and have to help Ukraine, the head of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank is convinced.

"Shortly in Prague will pass the summit devoted to the program of the Eastern Partnership of the European Union. Though Ukraine isn't the member of EU and isn't the candidate for the introduction, it remains too important and too big country, and the European Union can't be indifferent to it", - emphasized the Worlds.

"I think, we have to support Ukraine. But we have to use also our levers of political influence that internal political debate didn't result in stagnation in this country", - he emphasized.

Answering a question of volumes of the financial help which Ukraine needs, the head of the European Reconstruction and Development Bank told:"Obviously, each country needs the bigger help and support, than can be provided".

"In a situation with Ukraine during cooperation with the IMF it was a question about 16 and a half billion dollars. It is the direct help which is necessary in an emergency order. But its granting should be accompanied efforts, in particular in the sphere of consolidation of the state budget. And a certain level of internal political unity" is for this purpose necessary, - emphasized the Worlds.


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