The herd violent казбеков jumped to complain of Chernovetsky's pedophilia in the journalistic commission

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Heads of the Kiev municipal mass media addressed to the Commission on journalistic ethics concerning a reprint the Internet - the Tabloid and Ukrainskaya pravda editions of a material of the British newspaper Daily Mirror about pedophiles in which Leonid Chernovetsky's photo with the lie detector is used.

According to representatives so-called "The Kiev media holding", the reprint is classical political provocation, and unitary enterprise used receptions of "a drain site". They ask the Commission on journalistic ethics to analyse action of "The Ukrainian truth" regarding participation in political provocation, to give the conclusion of rather stated facts and moral and юридическо - an expert assessment to editions and personally to the editor-in-chief to Alyona Pritula, to make the decision in the form of the statement - a public censure, and also to make the recommendation unitary enterprise to clean a material.

Under the statement the acting editor-in-chief of the Evening Kiev newspaper Roman Kostritsa, the acting editor-in-chief of the Hreshchatik newspaper Denis Zharkikh and the acting editor-in-chief of the Ukrainskaya Stolitsa newspaper Pyotr Shcherbina subscribed.

According to their data, "Tabloid" doesn't conduct continuous monitoring of the Daily Mirror newspaper to what one mention of this newspaper of December 15, 2008 - testifies only with reference to other agency. "Therefore, the editor as a result of system work couldn't notice this article. Someone had to it show and explain it how photos and the text are connected among themselves. Thus, the guide "Ukrainian truth" (Alain Pritoul) says a lie that a material on a site "Tabloid" and on a site unitary enterprise has exclusively comic character", - the speech in the statement is told.

Authors of the appeal to the Commission on journalistic ethics connect date of emergence of a reprint (on April 23) over time Leonid Chernovetsky's exit from holiday (on April 24). Original photo in Daily Mirror, we will remind, left on April 6, but after a reprint on unitary enterprise the publication disappeared from an English site.

Alyona Pritula reported that "Tabloid" really doesn't carry out continuous monitoring of the publications Daily Mirror."This photo to us was sent by one companion from - for borders - after his long discussion in foreign blogs. It isn't secret. And I, to tell the truth, didn't know when the mayor leaves from отпус


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