Dead water: across Dnepr coffins

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The statement for possible infection of water in the Kremenchug reservoir anthrax, cholera or plague, was made today by the chief health officer of Kremenchug, the deputy of the Poltava regional council Victor Akimov.

In the performance at session of a regional council of session it sharply scarified work of officials of the Poltava regional state administration on strengthening of coast of the Kremenchug reservoir. From - for it, according to him, water there annually washes away to ten meters of the coastline, from - for what to Dnepr old cemeteries slip.

V. Akimov reminded that 2008 more he showed to deputies as from the coast washed away by water coffins of burials still with 20-x years of last century hang down. The health officer doesn't exclude that on the cemeteries washed away in a reservoir buried the dead from plague, cholera or anthrax, and disputes of these dreadful diseases can appear in water which is drunk by inhabitants of Kremenchug and Komsomolsk.

V. Akimov also reminded that in due time inhabitants of the villages located on a place of a present artificial reservoir, moved on a height. But today water, coast undermining, already was selected and there. To houses there were no more than fifty meters from water. As early as years five, and after cemeteries in a reservoir will start slipping at home кременчужан, the deputy predicts.


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