At Yanukovych think that from Tymoshenko's new idea there will be only a corruption

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In Party of Regions consider that the proposal of the prime minister Tymoshenko on nationalization of regional gases only will frighten off investors, but won't be effective for economy.

Such opinion was expressed by the deputy, the Minister of Economics of the oppositional government Irina Akimova

"Tymoshenko's statement for the future nationalization of regional gases is a continuation her politicians of manual control by economy, absence of efforts of the government on improvement business - climate and to providing guarantees of the property rights", - she considers.

"The policy of nationalization never gave unambiguous positive results. It makes sense, only if we are absolutely sure that the state as the owner can be more effective, than the private owner. However the international experience and practice of other countries show that the state, as a rule, is the worst owner, than private", - Akimova noted.

According to the deputy, Also return of objects to the state is always accompanied by risks of corruption.

"It is necessary to consider also that nationalization means use of additional budgetary resources. And from where they will undertake in the state budget of Ukraine for 2009 where even according to official figures deficiency exceeds 4%, and according to expert data (in particular, the sounded former Minister of Finance V. Pinzenik) already reaches 10%? ", - Akimova declared.

"That is, nationalization is a manual control, this administration, it is a way in anywhere, especially in conditions when nobody trusts the state. Tymoshenko's government tries to change for nationalization creation of the effective Anti-recessionary program, and also formation realistic, based on the objective macroforecast, the budget", - she noted.

Besides, according to Akimova, "nationalization is a new step which will push away both potential domestic, and the foreign investor".


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