The act of unintentional vandalism is perfect in Nikolayevshchina: the most rare tulips were destroyed by forestry specialists

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They opened three virgin sites where ancestors of all species of modern tulips grew. Now tulip fields can be seen only on a photo. Employees of forest management say that didn't know about a Red Book plant. Ecologists claim: in a pursuit of quantity of the woods of economy don't pay attention to a ban.

In Nikolayevshchina forestry specialists started up three sites of the virgin steppe where the most rare endangered tulips grew under a plow. It were the cells of the primogenitor of modern grades of garden tulips largest in the region - Shrenka. Now the quantity of these wild-growing flowers in Nikolayevshchina is limited to tens. About it reports ICTV.

Zinoviy Petrovich, biologist: "On this site in three years ruin repeated. There was a powerful locality of a tulip of Shrenk. For today we see that from this locality where we counted 200 plants, today there were three plants".

The most rare species of a tulip is included in Red Lists at once several countries. For its destruction responsibility is provided. In management of forestry say that lawfully own sites where Shrenka grew. Forestry specialists didn't know about it.

Pyotr Palamaryuk, chief of the Nikolaev regional management of forestry: "Us had to warn. When early landing is conducted, whether then it isn't visible to eat a tulip or it isn't present".

Projects of a zalesneniye sign in ecology management. Here admit, destruction of the most rare plant simply missed. The scientist Ivan Moysiyenko at the request of the Kiev botanical garden investigated wild tulips in steppes of Ukraine. He saw destruction of a kind of Shrenk in Nikolayevshchina, in Lugansk, Zaporozhye and Kharkov areas.

Ivan Moysiyenko, Candidate of Biology: "Tulips disappear owing to thoughtless planting of the wood on steppe sites. There are small such ten-centimetric sprouts of a pine, in principle, which right there perish".


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