Deputies of the Nikolaev City Council weren't defined what will be a payment for land lease

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The Nikolaev deputies during session of the City Council didn't come to a consent concerning the rent size to the earth.

So, it seemed to many deputies that 8% specified in the draft decision for land lease for banks - too small sum. The head of BYuT fraction Oleg Mudrak suggested to raise this rate for banks to 12%. It proved it that banks which are in Nikolaev, taxes pay to Kiev, instead of to Nikolaev. And 12% of rent for the earth are peculiar compensation.

And 12% for land lease for an arable land, a mowing meadow, a pasture, long-term plantings - unreasonably high payment.

Some deputies spoke against from owners of trade booths to take 8% of a rent because the profit of these businessmen doesn't assume such heavy taxes.

Dispute caused also a question of what the rent has to be for the enterprises which are registered in Nikolaev and what - for what are registered in other cities.

The deputy from Natalya Vitrenko's block Dmitry Nikonov suggested to postpone in connection with crisis consideration of a question of a rent to the end of the year and already then to look, in what state there will be a business and whether businessmen on those rates which are accepted will be able to pay.

Eventually, deputies didn't come to the uniform decision, and the question of a rent wasn't accepted.


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