To Ukrainians advise not to collect dollars in a stocking

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The People's Deputy from WELL fraction - NANOSECOND, the vice-chairman of SAY LIES committee concerning industrial and regulatory policy and business Ksenia Lyapina recommends to the Ukrainian population to reduce dollarization. She declared it in interview to the correspondent ForUm' a.

"That now citizens in panic invest money in dollars can badly end is absolutely unhealthy phenomenon. World financial analysts predict that in the USA the dollar will be consciously devaluated" - in particular, told нардеп.

According to Lyapina, the position of National Bank of Ukraine concerning reduction of dollarization and diversification of assets - is correct also it "actually, and its council to the population".

"I understand that now the population in panic deliberates over a dilemma where to put the kopek, but I would advise the population to reduce the dollarization. Ukraine and Russia - two most dollarizirovanny countries of the world. There is even such joke: new Russian comes to America and is surprised: "Well, it is necessary, here our dollars "go"! ". This joke about us also is the truth", - she emphasized.

Nardep considers "not as the worst option to keep savings in hryvnia".

"I don't say that гривня will be strong but if the USA choose such secret strategy as dollar devaluation with the purpose to reduce the debts, гривня will be more attractive", - Lyapina summed up.

In turn, the expert, the research associate of Institute of world economy and the international relations of NAN of Ukraine Vsevolod Stepanyuk considers that "savings accustomed to store the Ukrainian population in any currency".

"It NBU wines and the governments which pursued such policy that the prices in Ukraine are very strongly attached to exchange rate. And it concerns both the prices of import products, and the prices of the main products of the Ukrainian producers", - he told.

However, unlike Lyapina, Stepanyuk isn't quite sure that change by National Bank of a proportion of circulation of currencies "the correct decision".

"Really, euro, in my opinion, is stabler money, than dollar. From the point of view of economy, the dollar is paper is not money. From other point of view, euro too has very serious economic problems.Therefore it is necessary to approach very deliberately to proportions in which the currency reserve of the country" keeps, - the expert noted and added: "For example, it would be quite good to transfer part of a reserve to the Chinese yuans, Japanese yens or Swiss francs. I consider, the more a variety of currencies in the National Bank basket, the better".

As earlier I reported ForUm, the National Bank was reoriented from investments in the American state bonds on securities of the governments of the European Union countries, having continued to increase a share of euro in the international reserves. Experts consider increase in euro in a currency basket of NBU justified of - for a long-term tendency of depreciation of dollar. However, NBU can suffer owing to falling of the prices of the European bonds, analysts note.

From the financial statements published by National Bank for 2008 follows that last year NBU more than by one and a half times I increased investments in securities of nonresidents - from 77,44 billion UAH to 126,98 billion UAH (48% of reserves). I made the greatest investments of NBU in coupon bonds of the governments of Great Britain and other EU countries in which 20% of means of the regulator are stored now, or 55,946 billion UAH (in 2007 - 16%. At the same time the share of investments into state papers of the USA decreased from 14% to 9%.

Change of structure of reserves was caused by that the sum of investments of National Bank of the securities nominated in US dollars, grew by only 35% whereas in euro - for 155%. As a result the sum of investments of securities for the first time in three years exceeded the volume of means of NBU on bank deposits.

Thanks to such changes the share of euro in reserves of the country increased from 30,55% (54,359 billion UAH at the end of 2007) to 34,17% (89,584 billion UAH) whereas the specific weight of dollar practically didn't change - 44,87% (117,665 billion UAH) against 44,81% (79,738 billion UAH).


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