O. Dony: The coalition has to offer V. Litvin a post of the speaker

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The coalition has to look for recovery from the crisis not through blocking, and by arrangements with Blok Litvin, even at the price of a position of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. It was declared on air of ICTV TV channel by the People's Deputy from WELL - NANOSECOND Oles Dony. According to him, the coalition had strong blow and has to recognize the incapacity. Official arrangements with Blok of Litvin on the conditions laid down by the last can become an exit from current situation, according to the deputy.

"To listen to Litvin's block that they want, on what conditions they are ready to enter into this coalition. Whether there is a speech about ministerial positions, or about the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. It is necessary to define, whether we are ready to go for unity of the coalition for rotation of a position of the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada. I, for example, consider that anything terrible in it wasn't. And the new organization, than political chaos which is" is better, - O. Dony told.

It should be noted that at the last congress of People's party which took place on June 20 of this year the decision that the fraction of the Block of Litvin won't join any coalitions was made. However, in case of coalition reformatting "populists" are ready to conduct negotiations with all political forces.

We will remind, on June 6 the structure of ruling coalition left People's Deputies from BYuT Igor Rybakov and from WELL - NANOSECOND Jurij Booth. By results of parliamentary elections the total number of deputies of BYuT and NU - NANOSECOND which created the coalition, made 228 deputies, but the member WELL - NANOSECOND Ivan Plyushch refused to be a part of ruling coalition. Thus, today as a part of the coalition 225 People's Deputies actually are.


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