Балога promises Tymoshenko to keep the coalition if it to dismiss 8 ministers

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The head of the Secretariat of the President (SP) of Victor Baloga at the end of the past week at a meeting suggested - to the minister Yulia Timoshenko to initiate the prime minister resignation of 8 ministers of the "Our Ukraine — National Self-defense" fraction quota, to demand a public repentance from the Minister of Internal Affairs Yury Lutsenko and нардепа David Zhvaniya in exchange on preservation of the coalition and attraction of the block of Litvin in it.

About it writes"The Kommersant - Ukraine" referring to information of the sources in the government.

According to edition sources that the plan for resignation of Cabinet of Ministers had to be realized on Wednesday, June 25, at urgently called meeting of the Verkhovna Rada. Meanwhile, as reported sources in Cabinet of Ministers, last Friday in the joint venture the meeting of Balogi and Tymoshenko on whom Baloga and exposed a premiere a number of the conditions which performance can guarantee coalition preservation took place.

According to sources, Baloga I promised to bring numerical structure of the coalition to a necessary minimum - 226 deputies, including at the expense of Rybakov and Booth. "Quarrystone already called and said that is ready to give the mandate if only him left alone", - reported an edition source in "National self-defense".

Also Baloga guaranteed in the next few days to achieve a consent to accession to the coalition of fraction of the block of Litvin. The offer which the leader of fraction Vladimir Litvin hardly will be able to refuse - a post of the chairman of BP became the basis for similar statements. However the People's Deputy Oleg Zarubinsky (Litvin's block) declared to the edition: "Anything about accession of our fraction to BYuT coalition - NUNS isn't known to me and I think that this information is improbable. The post of the speaker can't be adequate representation of our fraction in the coalition. If for us personnel questions were on the first place, Vladimir Litvin would become a speaker in October - November, 2007".

Besides, writes the edition, instead of Baloga allegedly I demanded performance of two conditions from Tymoshenko - resignation of all ministers appointed on a quota of NUNS with which work are dissatisfied in the joint venture. It is a question about 8 - ми ministers, except for the Minister of Health Vasily Knyazevich and the head of Ministry of Culture Vasily Vovkun.

Thus, writes the edition with reference to a source in the joint venture, to the place of the Minister of Fuel and Energy Yury Prodan it was planned to appoint Yury Boyko heading this ministry in the government of Victor Yanukovych.

However, as the People's Deputy from NUNS Oles Dony declared, "neither the head of the Secretariat of the President, nor Yulia Timoshenko aren't authorized to resolve such issues. After adoption of the new law on Cabinet of Ministers, or all government retires, or remains. If it is a question of a vote of no confidence to the government, the coalition can put forward new structure of Cabinet of Ministers. The mechanism of removal of one, two, ten ministers is impracticable. Earlier the parliament could express it no confidence and clean on one minister. Now such opportunity isn't present".

As notes the edition, one more condition of the head of the joint venture is "the public repentance" Lutsenko and нардепа from David Zhvaniya's NUNS, making sharp statements to Yushchenko. In an environment of the Interior Minister the edition was told that during negotiations of Baloga I declared that he is ready to be content with resignation of only one minister. "When Tymoshenko asked and who will come to Lutsenko's place, Victor Baloga told the following: "I am ready", - reported a source.

At the same time, writes the edition, sources in the government yet don't report, accepted Tymoshenko conditions of Balogi or not. However at once some respondents confirmed with the edition of officials that in the next few days the prime minister will make the statement in which once again will declare that she supports a consent of all branches of the power and considers as the only leader of the parliamentary coalition of the President Yushchenko.


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