The ghost of communism wanders about the Khreshchatyk

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About 4 thousand people gathered for May Day actions in the center of Kiev.

As the correspondent of agency reports"Interfax - Ukraine", about 1 thousand people, supporters and representatives of Federation of labor unions of Ukraine and Communist party of Ukraine, gathered on the Independence Maidan on May Day demonstration on Friday in Kiev. People continue to gather.

Participants of actions hold Communist Party symbolics, on a breast of people red ribbons with Communist Party symbolics, at some in hands red tulips, and also FPU flags.

The stock FPU passes under slogans: "Solidarity and unity - a way to crisis overcoming", "Work, a salary, worthy life", "Labor unions for worthy work and stability in society".

Communists make slogans: "Plants - the worker, the earth - to peasants", "We will stop orange genocide", "Communist Party with the people", "Glory to work", "With people and for people", "Get Yushchenko and oligarchs", "The worker - worthy life".

Scenes of communists and labor unions from which hits of times of the Soviet Union sound are placed into the square the friend opposite to the friend.

Besides, along the Khreshchatyk towards the Maidan of Independence the column about 1 thousand representatives of FPU moves. At the head of a column festive orchestra.

The columned goes with the slogan "Federation of Labor Unions — the Uniting Force", and also "Pay out our wages", "Minimum wage - on level of a living wage" People hold flowers and FPU flags, and also balloons in hand.

Along the Khreshchatyk red tents of KPU are also located.

At the same time near the Arsenalnaya subway supporters of PSPU, Spravedlivost party, Kievan Rus' party, the association "Our Force in Unity", All-Ukrainian public women's organization "Life gift" and other left forces gather. The action takes place under the direction of PSPU, Spravedlivost parties and "Peasants".

According to the leader of PSPU Nataly Vitrenko, participants of the action intend to pass to the Verkhovna Rada, the Cabinet to National Bank and the secretariat of the president.

In particular N. Vitrenko specified that leaders of parties - participants of actions will head a column and the main slogan of procession - "Down with capitalist slavery you give a socialism"

Now about 2 thousand and participants gathered continue to gather. Generally people of old age and young.

This action takes place under slogans: "Together with fraternal peoples Eepnem on crisis", "To the union - yes! Ukraine Russia Belarus. To crisis isn't present".

As the Justice party leader Stanislav Nikolayenko told, representatives of left-wing parties agreed that will pass demonstration to the Maidan of Independence and approximately at 11.30 plan to meet on a central square.


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