Yu. Tymoshenko's government continues to exhaust tobacco business in "shadow", and customs – in corruption, N. Kruglov

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From now on the Law "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine concerning a Duty" according to which since May 1, 2009 duty rates on tobacco products raise comes into force.

At the same time, the tax obligation for payment of a duty for each name of cigarettes can't be less than 50 UAH for 1000 pieces of cigarettes without filter, cigarettes (a product code UKT foreign trade activities 2402 20 90 10 agree) and 100 UAH for 1000 pieces of cigarettes with the filter (a product code UKT foreign trade activities 2402 20 90 20 agree).

Annually duty rates which are estimated in the firm sums from unit of the realized goods (production), and the minimum tax obligation on duty payments on tobacco products are subject to indexation according to a consumer price index for the past 12 calendar months (from June till June). The cabinet of Ukraine no later than August 1 publishes in official printing publications of a rate of a duty and the minimum tax obligation taking into account a consumer price index. The indexed rates of a duty and the minimum tax obligation come into force since January 1 of each next year, since January 1, 2010

The law was adopted by parliament on March 31, 2009. His developers - group of People's Deputies, among whichIvan Kirilenko, Oleg Lyashko, Oles Dony, Nikolay Tomenkoetc. By their calculations, the range of the prices of cigarettes with the filter will increase with 2,50-8,50 (on the average 3,80) UAH for a pack to 3,75-10,50 (on the average 5,20) UAH for a pack or by 1,25-2,00 UAH for a pack, though electronic cigarette of pons costs much cheaper. The rise in prices for cigarettes with the filter will be on the average 30-40%, and taking into account inflation - 20%.

In June, 2008 the government approved the Concept of the State target social program of reduction of harmful effects of tobacco on population health for 2008-2012. In the document it is said that for today a duty on tobacco products in Ukraine one of the lowest in Europe. At the same time the duty is the instrument of influence of the state on consumption of goods, unhealthy.In this regard in the document annual increase of rates of a duty on tobacco products for the purpose of ensuring growth of the real prices of such products with simultaneous taking measures to elimination of all forms of illegal trade by tobacco products" is offered ".

On September 1, 2008 the Law "About modification of article 1 of the Law of Ukraine "About duty rates on tobacco products" came into force. It became the first step in the course of annual increase of rates of a duty. According to the estimates of the government, the state budget for the last four months 2008 in addition received more than 1 billion UAH. From implementation of the Law "About Modification of Some Acts of Ukraine concerning a Duty" coming into force today, it is expected in addition 3,7 billion UAH of receipts in the country budget until the end of 2009, Ligabusinessinform reports.

In too time, opponents of so sharp increase of an excise, and, not only on tobacco, but also alcoholic products, consider that during decrease in the income of the Ukrainian citizens such inconsiderate acts of the government won't lead to the expected growth of receipts in the budget and will give opposite effect.

People's DeputyN. Kruglov, the deputy chairman of BP Committee concerning tax and customs policy, declared that especially fiscal approach to such "sensitive" segments of the consumer market, will lead to their "tenization" of legal business and sharp growth of illicit production.

* "When cigarettes of the Ukrainian production of the same brands became cheaper Russian twice, and Moldavian - by 20 times, and borders with these neighboring countries are very transparent, growth of smuggling is inevitable. Especially now, when purchasing power of the population decreased. Besides, it will lead to even bigger corruption in customs service.

As a result, we ruin legal production and trade in tobacco products in Ukraine, and these are thousands workplaces and multimillion contributions to the budget.

Increase of excises on such group of goods is justified in the period of economic recovery and growth of the income of people. Now we have an opposite situation.

Already in the first quarter of this year, after the first increase of an excise on cigarettes, the state budget I received less nearly 1 billion UAH. Orders for tax stamps decreased even. After the next jump in prices this situation only will be aggravated" *, - the People's Deputy considers.


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