Most cheerfully on May 1 celebrated in Odessa – with a concert and a fight

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On May Day meeting in Odessa members of labor unions and communists fought, without having divided the improvised tribune - a truck body.

Some hundred activists of trade-union movement and supporters of KPU, mainly people of old age, held today meeting on Kulikovo field under slogans: "Isn't present - to mass dismissals! ", "Deputies, don't trample feet on health care! ", "Return us a socialism", "we Will revive the USSR", red flags and portraits of Stalin, Fidel Castro and other revolutionary leaders.

The chairman of Federation of labor unions of Odessa region Vyacheslav Buratynsky, the leader of local communists Evgeny Tsarkov, representatives of trade-union committees of some enterprises and the "left" forces made a speech at meeting. Participants of the action supported the resolution of Federation of labor unions "About association of workers for upholding of the rights for normal life" with additional points from KPU - about impeachment of the President of Ukraine, government resignation, introduction of the moratorium on increase of cost of food of prime necessity and medicines.

At the time of preparation for a gala concert there was a fight between trade-union activists and group of communists - from - that allegedly didn't allow to act as the last from the improvised tribune - a truck body. From representatives of KPU exclamations sounded: "Labor unions selling - communists don't let! ".

The started fight was stopped quickly by police officers.


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