In the Bundestag say that Ukraine is very far from raising a question of EU

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The program of "Eastern Partnership" isn't alternative of prospect of the entry of Ukraine in the European Union.

Such opinion in interview to the German wave was expressed by the chairman of committee of the Bundestag on foreign affairs Ruprecht Polenz.

"The "Eastern Partnership" purpose - to bring east neighbors as it is possible closer to the European Union. About prospect of membership or about "substitution" of such prospect here the speech doesn't go", - he told.

Polents added that after big expansion of EU in 2004 accession of new members of EU "simply won't master".

"Instead we offer such countries, as Ukraine, programs which in the future can facilitate discussion of a question of membership in EU. The question of prospect of membership can become actual in 5 - 10 years", - he told.

"In Ukraine me again and again ask: "Why you don't give us membership prospect? " I only answer it: "Realize the program of "Eastern Partnership" and a question of prospect becomes actual. Carry out reforms, fight against corruption". Today Ukraine is still very far from raising a question of membership in EU", - Polents added.

On a question, whether will stir cooperation of Ukraine with EU within "Eastern Partnership" to its relations with Russia, the politician answered:

"The success of the Eastern Partnership project and the reforms provided by it would be favorable also to Russia, after all it is better to have neighbors at whom economic and political stability at which norms of the constitutional democratic state" dominate reigns.

"In some heads, however, the thinking remains categories of spheres of influence, when the main thing that "nobody climbed on others territory" still sit. From such thinking nobody will win. Russians need to overcome in itself such mentality", - he added.

Making comments on an appeal of head of German the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to partners in the European Union to direct intermediary mission to Ukraine to promote a compromise of political camps, Polents noted:

"Poland, it is possible with support of Germany, has some opportunities of positive impact on a situation, but it is for this purpose important that the parties of political opposition in Ukraine wanted to try to reach a compromise".

On a question, whether it sees need of such mediation, it answered:

"Generally yes. We are interested in Ukraine which by vigorous reforms moves in the direction of Europe, and the main thing - in the direction of welfare of the citizens".


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